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This week on the Film Junk Podcast, we prepare to meet our maker and do our best to intimidate 15 year old kids who talk during movies. We’ve got two reviews for you: Stephen King’s The Mist, and Beowulf, followed by a countdown of our Top 5 movies involving bugs or insects. In Versus we breakdown the differences between Stephen King’s horror movies and his non-horror movies, and we also take a look at the latest Cloverfield trailer in addition to reading your Junk Mail. It’s another jam-packed episode with no shortage of spirited movie discussion… download the podcast below and sample our great meat.

0:00-01:50 – Intro
01:50-02:55 – Call for Suggestions for Year End Podcast / Episode 150
02:55-16:40 – Jay Loses It / Rant About Movie Theatre Disturbances
16:40-20:00 – Stuff We Watched This Week
20:00-56:15 – Junk Mail
56:15-1:13:50 – Review: Stephen King’s The Mist
1:13:50-1:29:18 – Review: Beowulf
1:29:18-1:33:25 – Top 5 Movies with Bugs
1:33:25-1:41:43 – Versus: Stephen King Horror vs Non-Horror
1:41:43-1:46:28 – Trailer Trash
1:46:28-1:49:25 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:49:25-1:52:17 – Outro

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  • TheSnowLeopard

    Top 5 bug movies (not mentioned by you guys):

    1. The Naked Lunch (1991)
    2. The Swarm (1978)
    3. Bug (1975)
    4. The Deadly Mantis (1957)
    5. The Naked Jungle (1954)

  • If you liked the Bloody Sunday format, I can highly recommend the movie “Culloden” which recreates a battle between the english and the scottish. It has interviews with the soldiers and the officers, and offers both an intimate view and a sociological view of the battle.

    The question of wether or not using the technology for Beowulf has a point is a tricky one though. On one hand if it’s not there yet, why bother? On the other hand, if nobody keeps using it and tries to bush the limits, how will it ever get there? I personally don’t get why we would ever want a technology like that, but if somebody feels it’s a good way to tell their stories, obviously they will try and push it along at the current stage, so at one point in their lifetime they can do it right. Right?

  • James

    what was the song in the outro?

  • SnowLeopard: Good call on The Swarm, although I’ve never seen it myself.

    Henrik: This Culloden movie you mentioned appears to have been released on a double feature DVD with The War Game, which sounds even more interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

    James: The outro is Ben Folds covering The Clash’s Lost in the Supermarket. I think it’s from the Over The Hedge soundtrack, funnily enough.

  • All Peter Watkins (Culloden, The War Game) is pretty damn good. I think Watkins was doing the ‘fake doc’ decades before Rob Reiner decided to use the format for comedy. I highly recommend Punishment Park and Edvard Munch too. Both incredibly intense ‘fake docs’.

  • Well Culloden is not entirely a ‘fake doc’, ‘docudrama’, ‘drama documentary’ or ‘mockumentary’ , in that it deals with an actual subject. It’s like a history book being written 200 years after the fact, except it’s a movie. ‘The War Game’ is completely fictional. As for Punishment Park and Edvard Munch I unfotunately haven’t seen them, are they fictional as well?

    It’s not a huge deal, but I think Culloden stands out more so than the usual fictional-documentary fare, because it does deal with an actual event – just like Bloody Sunday!

  • Btw. I totally thought the intro music for this episode was the badass Unicron theme, untill the ridiculous synthed choir came in. Alan Silvestri pretty much stinks.

  • Great show guys. I was particularly happy to hear that Friedkin’s “Bug” make Jay’s list. Nice.