Christian Bale to Play John Connor in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins?

Harry over at Ain’t It Cool News dropped a potential bombshell on the internet community today, with a pretty unbelievable announcement regarding the upcoming fourth Terminator film that’s sure to thrill fans. Entitled Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (ugh), a lot of people had pretty much written this thing off ever since it was announced that McG had signed on to direct. However, according to an inside source (a very reliable one that has never been wrong, apparently) Christian Bale has now joined the project to play an adult John Connor! Now do they have your attention, or what?

I have to say right up front that I’m a big Christian Bale fan, and ever since he donned the batsuit, his name carries that much more weight in the industry (particularly where sci-fi fanboys are concerned). If this report is true, it could definitely turn the movie around completely. His involvement may, in turn, attract other talented actors to the project. But here’s the thing I don’t understand: why would Christian Bale want to get involved in another major franchise? I’m sure he’d be getting paid quite well, but you don’t often see big name actors taking on the lead role in multiple blockbuster franchises. Not only is there the possibility of typecasting, but there’s also the issue of conflicting contracts that include sequels, and the sheer workload involved in these kinds of flicks. When all is said and done, I still don’t think this movie needs to be made, but I’ll admit that I’m going to be a lot more open to the possibilities with Christian Bale on board. Anyone else out there had a change of heart?

  • Ian

    I like Bale in just about everything I’ve seen him in from Empire of the Sun to The Machinist. Him being in the film will make it better but that doesn’t mean it will be good. Though the idea sounds interesting if it’s a rebuild post-apocalytic future tale.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    What’s Edward Furlong doing these days???

  • Terminator without Arnold Schwarzenegger equals no interest.

    I mean Terminator 3 had Arnold Schwarzenegger and it was nearly unwatchable. Even though I think Christian Bale is pretty mechanical in the way he acts and that it makes good sense for him to be a robot, there is no way I would see this movie.

  • The Movie Screen Team

    Big fan of TRS.

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  • Captain N

    Bale is a fantastic actor. Its odd that he is doing this…… I wont believe till there is an actual script.

    Bales involvement really does put into the question the quality of the script. Its not like he is hurting for work and isnt exactly an actor who is dying to do films for a large amount of money. The script is either fantastic or he isnt really doing it.

    My biggest problem is, at this point in the series, does there really need to be a specific terminator out to hunt him? It seems almost pointless to slap a famous face onto a terminator at this point. They should retitle it. Start it off as a new trilogy of sorts.

    Some how I have a feeling in the next couple of days we’ll be hearing that Bale has never been contacted or even seen a script for Terminator 4 and that he is just at the top on the McG wish list.

  • I should read posts before I comment… Allthough I would not be surprised if there is a twist in the movie and John Connor turns out to be a robot himself.

  • I’m with Captain N – this is either BS or the script/story is out of this world. And yes, I’ve gone from no interest to being interested if Bale is really on board.

  • I’ve got to admit that if this is true (which I kind of doubt), it’s the first and only good thing I’v heard about this film. Regardless, it probably shouldn’t be made.

  • One possibility no one is entertaining — couldn’t John Connor be a small role in the new films? I know the first instinct is to assume that it would be about JC (that’s right, JC — hadn’t made that connection before, had you?), but couldn’t it just as easily be about other members of the resistance and John Connor only makes an appearance? If that’s the case, I can totally see Bale getting involved. 10 minutes screen time isn’t a huge commitment, even to a major franchise.

  • Yeah, that’s a good point Jim. Although I think a lot of people would feel pretty cheated if they went to see the movie and Christian Bale only had 10 minutes of screen time, while the rest of the movie was filled with no-namers. But I’m sure they’re going to have to introduce lots of new characters if the plan to stretch this out into another trilogy.

  • sagen

    i think honestly that if arnold isnt in the movie it is not going to be as good. i like the first three but i will not judge salvation until i have seen it. although christian bale is a good actor in all the older movies he dreams of the future and he look different each time. i dont know. im going to watch the nw one and see if it is any good.