High Quality Version of J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield Trailer #2 Online

For the past few days I’ve been resisting the urge to watch the leaked versions of the new trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield online (which also premiered in theatres with Beowulf this past weekend). A lot of people were speculating that the grainy handheld versions of the trailer on YouTube had been leaked on purpose, as a part of the whole lo-fi aesthetic/guerilla marketing thing they’ve got going on. I’m not sure if I believe that, but either way, a high quality version has finally turned up over at Empire Online, and I’m glad I waited.

This is easily one of my most anticipated movies for next year, and although I suspect the marketing may be more interesting than the actual movie, this new trailer does look pretty intense. The one thing I’m worried about, however, is the thing that always seems to derail these documentary-style horror movies: the acting. I thought the acting in The Blair Witch Project was believable for the most part, but I think they achieved this because there was no script and they really were out in those woods, deprived of sleep, and scared shitless. In this case, we’re looking at a bigger production that probably has a lot of FX shots created in post-production, and in a few of the clips, the mock terror in the voices of the characters totally took me out of it. I’m hoping this turns out to be a fun ride regardless, but it’s possible that the scale of what they’re attempting is just a bit too ambitious. I will say that the mystery of it all still has me intrigued. Cloverfield hits theatres on January 18th; check out the new trailer now via the link below.

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  • It’s funny because normally I would think ‘why would anyone keep filming in a situation like that?’. But I guess 9/11 proved that people will continue to film in even the most dangerous situations.

  • The links to download the trailer in HD can be found in my blog. (hope that doesn’t count as surreptitious advertising ;))

  • Not at all. Thanks for the heads up!

  • You really start liking Germany… ;)

  • Diary of the Dead was largely about questioning why people would film during a crisis.

  • Yeah, I remember reading some reviews that mentioned that. Still haven’t seen it yet though.

  • I have a feeling the two movies will be getting compared to each other a lot since Diary of the Dead is supposed to get a theatrical release less than a month after Cloverfield. I hope it gets a decent release too, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  • I really cannot wait to see what this monster is going to look like.

  • Goon

    Rian, I’m not convinced we’re going to actually SEE the monster.

  • The man

    I don’t think they’ll pull that Goon. I just hope it doesn’t look stupid, that way everytime it comes on screen people won’t laugh. Come on Cthulhu!!!!

  • TheSnowLeopard

    “But I guess 9/11 proved that people will continue to film in even the most dangerous situations”

    Exactly. There is a strong connection to 9/11 in the poster and the directorial style reminds me of that french documentary about 9/11 by Jules and Gedeon Naudet.

    With the emphasis on confusion and panic rather than traditional disaster movie thrills, this is very much a horror movie for our time.

  • Here’s a slow-mo blowup video of the short monster sequence: http://blog.affenheimtheater.de/2007/11/20/cloverfield-detailaufnahme-des-monsters/

  • isn’t that line:”whatever it is, it’s winning” from the godzilla movie?? i know i’ve heard it somewhere!!

  • Godzilla was ‘Size does matter’ right?

  • Goon:

    If we don’t see the monster clearly at any point during the film, I’ll be very pissed. It’s fine if we don’t see it much of it as with the original Alien film, but if we never get a good look at the monster I know that I will walk out of the theater angry, regardless of how good the movie is otherwise.

    The man:

    It hadn’t occurred to me that the monster could be Cthulu. If it is, that would be badass!

  • Hellboy had Cthulu in it, so that’s totally been done.

  • Ian

    I wonder maybe this event in NYC that starts the film is actually a take on the conclusion of Alan Moore’s Watchmen. I know they are doing a movie version of that comic but this whole strangness in NYC that feels like a supernatural terrorist attack is sort of what happened at the end of that comic *spoiler* for a 20 year old comic.

  • Henrik:

    Hellboy did not have Cthulu in it. Hellboy had the Ogdru Jahad.

  • I thought Cthulu referred to the tentacles. I guess Del Toro said ‘Lovecraftian’ at ComicCon, but he did talk a lot about the Cthulu mythos on the commentary.

    I don’t really know monster lore.

  • Cthulu is a specific monster. Yes, it has tentacles, but the word “Cthulu” is it’s name. There is no doubting that Mike Mignola is a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft and that a lot of the creatures in Hellboy are influenced by his stories, but the Ogdru Jahad is a separate entity entirely. There are actually a lot of books, comic books, and movies that feature Cthulu in one form or another (such as Richard Corben’s Densaga, which features a giant, tentacled god named “Uluhtc”), but Hellboy is not one of them.