Teeth Trailer

One of the weirdest movies I remember hearing about at Sundance this year was Mitchell Lichtenstein’s Teeth. Billed as a horror-comedy hybrid, the story is about a high school student named Dawn who discovers that she has something strange going on in her nether regions. That something strange is a mythical affliction known as “vagina dentata”. That’s right, boys beware… she’s got teeth down there! This twisted concept sounds like something that would come from the mind of David Cronenberg, James Gunn or Eli Roth, but it’s actually Lichtenstein’s directorial debut. IGN have just posted the first trailer online, and it looks intriguing to say the least. Follow the link below and give it a watch… if you think you can stomach it! (The trailer is safe for work, although it’s guaranteed to make both men and women more than a little uncomfortable.) Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company will release Teeth in theatres sometime in 2008.

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  • Rebecca

    Omg What the hell kind of a sicko makes a movie about that!!!????!!!! They must be messed in the head

  • Really like the idea. Maybe teeth whitener site can assist someone out there.

  • Vincent

    I cant stop watching disgusting movies!Do you think theres a clinic for people like that?(people with teeth in there no-no places I mean)

  • Ember

    @ Vincent: I doubt it dude