The Short Works of…David Fincher

Although David Fincher’s feature filmography might look pretty small on paper, his commercial and music video work is quite substantial. Much of his early work expresses a style that we’d see repeated once Fincher eventually made the jump to feature filmmaking, starting with the highly underrated ‘Alien 3′. (Check out his Nike ‘Instant Karma’ commercial and it’s golden colour pallet for a subtle comparison to the cinematography in Alien 3) You can definitely see his visual style shine through in these early pieces. Most impressive is his commercial work with effects giants Digital Domain. I must say there was quite a list to choose from for this edition of Film Junk’s ‘The Short Works of…’ feature. See for yourself. (Big ups to the Fincher Fanatic Blog for many of these great links.)

Nike commercial – Instant Karma

Iggy Pop “Home”

Michael Jackson`s “WHO IS IT”

George Michael “Freedom ’90”

Coca-Cola – “Blade Roller”

Levi’s 501 – “Rivet”

Nike “Referee” Commercial #1 feat. Dennis Hopper

Nike “Referee” Commercial #2 feat. Dennis Hopper

Here’s a few links to some of Fincher’s best commercial work, hosted on Digital Domain’s site. It looks like Fincher has had a pretty long career working along side this effects company (which is now owned by Michael Bay). Check ‘em out.

Adidas “Mechanical Legs”

Making of “Mechanical Legs” -

HP “Constant Change”

Making of “Constant Change” -

Nike “Speedchain”

Making of “Speed Chain” -

NIN “Only”

Making of “Only” -

  • Ian

    pretty awesome. Does Fincher have one of those director’s Series DVDs out? He’s done enough cool videos and commercials that he should.

  • Wicked. Good work guys. Particularly thrilled about the “Only” link.

  • s.h. harris

    I’ve been looking for those dennis hopper nike commercials forever. They are brilliant!!
    thanks so much for providing them.
    I will visit this site again and again.
    thank you.