Major Movie Star Trailer Starring Jessica Simpson

If you find it upsetting that Jessica Simpson still has a movie career, I’ve got some good news for you: it’s not going to last much longer. The trailer for her latest film Major Movie Star has just hit the web, and it’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The basic premise is brilliant in and of itself; a posh female actress finds herself broke and in need of cash, so she does what any American would do. She joins the army. Not since Ernest In The Army or Pauly Shore’s In the Army Now have we seen such a great set up for comedy gold. (Okay, let’s face it, Stripes it ain’t.) Director Steve Miner was once known for directing such horror classics as Friday the 13th Part II and III, but this is definitely a new low (his Day of the Dead remake is supposedly awful as well). Still, there is one good thing we can take from all this: Steve Guttenberg is back baby! I have a feeling this movie will go direct to DVD, but there’s no release date as of yet. Check out the hilarity below.

[gv data=”O3_RVDeuOTY”][/gv]

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  • This movie could only be justified by massive boobage, but there was none in this trailer! What’s the point??


  • Fizzle

    This movie looks brilliant! There is no way anyone could possibly no how this one is going to end, the story is very unique and makes so much sense. Jessica is playing a role she has never had to play before further adding to her diverse role palette. I hope there isn’t too big a line opening day so i can watch this, because i don’t want to wait any longer than i hove to, to enjoy this masterpiece

  • Oh my God! I’ve been wondering where the great Jessica Simpson went after The Dukes of Hazzard! Why she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar on that one is still beyond my grasp. I think it was because the academy didn’t appreciate a southern accent; which she pulled off… well, I don’t want to say brilliantly, but it’s obvious she did her homework.

    Judging by this latest trailer though, it looks like she’s going to make up for it… and then some!

    I’ve already reserved my tickets at Fandango (and Moviefone, just to be safe) for what is sure to be the masterpiece of 2008.
    Hot diggity – giggity!

  • She should get an oscar for that carwashing scene in her music video.

  • too stunned to comment