Mark Wahlberg to Star in Max Payne Movie

Don’t look now, but another video game movie is about to head into production. 20th Century Fox have signed Mark Wahlberg to play Max Payne in the upcoming adaptation of the popular shooter series, which revolves around a New York City cop who had his wife and child murdered. The games had a great noir-esque style with exquisitely melodramatic voiceovers, in addition to cut scenes told through panels of a graphic novel. Max Payne was also known for being the first game to introduce bullet time as an element of gameplay.

Although most people tend to roll their eyes whenever a video game movie gets greenlit (myself included), I have to admit that this is one adaptation that could be a lot of fun. I just don’t know if Mark Wahlberg is quite the guy I envisioned for the role. He doesn’t have the gruff voice, and he doesn’t really look like Timothy Gibbs, the actor whose likeness Max Payne was originally based on. There had been rumours a while back that Dean Winters was going to play the role, and although he looks the part, unfortunately he doesn’t have quite the same draw that Mark Wahlberg has. Either way, I’ll probably see this movie… all I ask is that they don’t get too carried away with the damn slo-mo sequences!

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  • This would be perfect for John Woo to direct. If he did it, we might even get Nicolas Cage as an over-the-top villain, getting his tongue sucked and singing rock songs during gunfights, which would be awesome.

  • This could be incredible…although after Sin City I was hoping for Clive Owen to do this role.

  • My question is, what really makes this game worth being made into a movie? All it is is a revenge story. A guy’s wife and kid(s) are killed and he goes into vigilante mode. Haven’t we seen this enough times already? We’ve already got The Punisher (both versions), Death Sentence, and Death Wish (which is being remade as well) among many others. Having played the Max Payne games, I really don’t see the draw behind this particular story becoming a film. The only interesting or different aspect the game had was the bullet time mode, but are they going to incorporate that into the film? And even if they do, isn’t that sort of effect getting a little old by now as well? I just don’t see why this is any more promising than any other revenge project out there. I, for one, am not particularly excited about this.

  • I thought the VG was visually cool…so this has more potential than say any other regular VG. I didn’t really like the plot of the first one and i never really played the sequel, so i hope its a new story.

  • i love you mark wahlberg