Resident Evil CG Movie Biohazard: Degeneration In The Works

Just when you thought the Resident Evil movie franchise had come to a merciful conclusion, you find out you were wrong… dead wrong! Video game developer Capcom have announced that there is yet another Resident Evil movie on the way, and boy are the fanboys are going to be upset when they learn that Milla Jovovich is not involved. But wait… there’s something else I haven’t told you yet! This new movie is going to be a fully animated CG feature called Biohazard: Degeneration (Biohazard is what the games are called in Japan). Now this is something I might be interested in.

I’ve been complaining for a while now that no one is taking chances with computer animation on the big screen, and no one is trying to make CG movies for adults. From a business standpoint, I understand why, but I think there are some cool things that could be done with the medium if it wasn’t all talking animals all the time. As for this movie, I seriously doubt they could make a Resident Evil flick that is PG-13, so I’m guessing (and hoping) that we’re in for some serious digital gore. Even if the quality of the animation is on par with the cinematics from Resident Evil 4, this could be pretty awesome. No word yet on what studio is actually doing the animation (I’m assuming it’s actually Capcom themselves) but I’m expecting something along the lines of the Final Fantasy CG flicks. Anybody else out there interested in this?

  • Kieron

    Not so much. I think the games are great but thought the films were pretty lame & I have little interest in them now.

  • Word on the street (or around the internet, I suppose) is that this film is going to contain an original story and possibly new characters, which has me worried that it will stray too far from what makes the franchise good in the first place much like the live-action films did. I’m along for the ride, though. Here’s hoping it’s good.

  • Yes! Finally!
    They totally screwed up the franchise name with the live-action flicks. What could be interesting is seeing the original story (which always made me think of Night of the Living Dead) unfold with new twist elements (like Rian reports) since whatever fanbase they will have will surely be hardcore RE gamers looking for a RE story slightly different from the one they’ve played. If you think about it, the live-action might have aimed for…but they shot in the crotch while the bulls-eye is the head.

  • Resident Evil Fan

    I don’t think it should be animated CG. I really love the other RE movies! I got the first 2. Waiting for the last one. I can’t see me watching it where it is animated. Sorry! And sad to learn that Milla Jovovich won’t be in this one.
    The end of the last one was Awesome!And how it did. You would think she would return with a FEW of her friends! I do want to Congrats her on her new baby Ever!!! God Bless!

  • Chris

    I’m a bit afraid by the whole “New Storyline” bit. What I’ve been long waiting for in the franchise would be a good adaptation of one of the games into a movie(check George A. Romero’s script he wrote for RE 1 to see that it could have been done) Barring that it would be nice to have familiar faces in roles we know. None of that Chairman Wesker bull crap. I think that the last idea will be the only one really adressed in the upcoming CG deal.

  • christy

    Well, I love the RE movies all together. I know, I know, the last 2 have had nothing to do with the games at all, but I love the movies. Not so sure about how the animated one will be. not so much into movies like that. I do love the game though. I will be highly ticked off if they do not make a 4th movie. They are just leaving it all in the open like that, what a crock!! If they weren’t planing to make another one then they should have finished in Extiction! With Alice killing that insane dude and the others reaching Alaska safely.. the end, but nooooo, they had to go and do what they did. So now they better finish it!!!!!

  • they better finsh or at least i hope they do I absolutely love all the RE movies and i wondered why they would end the last one the way they did if they did not intend to continue with the story line. the should come out with the animated one and a regular movie as well for all the people who like the RE movies.