Stallone to Direct and Star in Death Wish Remake

Good news everyone! It seems our buddy Sly Stallone is looking to continue his revitalized career with more than just Rocky and Rambo sequels, and according to Variety, his next project might very well be a remake of the Charles Bronson classic Death Wish. MGM are hoping to remake this 1974 film with Stallone in talks to both star and direct. The script will be penned by Michael Ferris and John Brancato, the same duo responsible for Terminator 3, The Net and David Fincher’s The Game… oh, and also a brilliant little flick called Catwoman. I guess if there’s anyone who can fill the shoes of Charles Bronson (which, quite frankly, I don’t think there is) Sylvester Stallone might have the best shot at doing it. The film does seem like a decent candidate for a remake, although the confusing thing is that James Wan’s recent movie Death Sentence, starring Kevin Bacon, was loosely based on the sequel to the original Death Wish novel. I guess that’s mostly irrelevant, although one thing worth mentioning is that Stallone’s previous track record with remakes isn’t all that hot: his performance in the dreadful remake of the 1971 Michael Caine flick Get Carter was flat out panned. Is this really a wise career move for him? Either way I’m rooting for the guy to pull this one off.

  • Glenn

    They should do Death Wish 3, just so we can bring back “The Giggler”