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This week on the Film Junk Podcast, Greg was MIA so we put in an emergency call to Reed Farrington, star of The Running Tunnel, to share some valuable tips with aspiring actors around the globe. Also on this episode, we dig into Ridley Scott’s American Gangster, count down our Top 5 Gangster Flicks, and pit William Shatner against his old pal Leonard Nimoy in Versus. We also find some time to discuss many seemingly unconnected topics such as Poltergeist, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s racist blunder, X-Files 2, and more Star Trek trivia than you can shake a tricorder at. It’s lonely out in space on such a timeless flight… listen to this week’s podcast below.

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  • Holy shit Reed Farrington is endless entertainment. There should be a Jay & Gerry show, just like there was a Tom & Jerry show.

    I was literally laughing out loud so many times in this episode. Probably the funniest show ever.

  • Reed Farrington

    Henrik, once again, thx for your generous comments. I think I’ve finally found my purpose in life. I was put on this earth to entertain you.

    For some reason (maybe my mind is going feeble), when I was dozing off last night and recounting the day’s events, I thought about how I couldn’t remember Robert Altman’s name and how I blurted out Robert Walnut, and then I burst out laughing at my malapropism. I don’t ever laugh at my own jokes. Sometimes I think I’m clever, but I never laugh. Maybe I’m becoming vain.

  • Goon

    goddamn Reed is getting too annoying to handle on the show. its like that Larry Sanders episode where Hank has to cover for Larry and the first time it goes well, but they let it go too far…

    i bet i’d laugh my ass off with this guy around at work actually, but on the show, man…

    maybe i’m just in a bad mood.

  • “Sometimes I think I’m clever, but I never laugh.”

    The fact that clever isn’t funny to you was pretty well established when you appointed Deuce Bigalow your favorite comedy of all time!

    Goon, I think the fact that wrestling wasn’t even a minor topic of discussion this week threw you off.

  • maybe i just nod off when HMV isnt said every 8th word.

  • Reed Farrington

    I hated that Hank character on The Larry Sanders Show.

    No one laughs with me at work; maybe at me.

    You know Goon, I was going to speak with a British accent through the whole show with the excuse being that I was practicing for my next acting role, but both Jay and Sean vehemently vetoed that idea. Jay already knows how annoying my regular voice is, so I suspect a badly faked British accent would have driven him over the edge.

    But Goon, you’ve given me a new idea for next week. I’m going to say HMV on every 8th word. How annoying is that going to get?!?

    Seriously, if I get invited back again, I’ll try to be less annoying. I think I was overcompensating for the person who thought I was contributing as much as a lamp post would. So I tried not to be so laid back.

    One day, I’m going to impersonate Greg. That would be a coup!

  • TheSnowLeopard

    OK…I’m confused. I recognised the voice in the podcast. Isn’t that Darth? Who the hell is Reed? Is Reed Darth? If so, then who is Gerry? Are they all the same person? Please help.

    So was it Sean or Jay who got pregnant and gave birth to Darth/Reed/Gerry (?), which can only explain the parental (dis)affection they evoke toward this strange, funny man-child who did interrupt the flow of this week’s show a bit too much (I’d hate to think you were mining for laughs cuz you are great when just being yourselves).

    The Running Tunnel was a good idea and videocasts seem like the natural evolution from what you guys are doing now and Jay has a talent for directing. But first, maybe Sean can direct Jay and Darth in Rush Hour 4, about a couple of mismatched podcasters who take a wacky, madcap tour of the virtual world.

    Anyway…good show. Like Henrik I laughed a lot during this episode and I look forward to when all four of you can be together again.

  • Reed Farrington

    Darth is the guy with the helmet, Annie is a hermaprodite with curly hair, The Man With No Name is a retired gunslinger, Tina Turner starred in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Reed is the dude walking between Denzel and Chiwetel in the above photo from American Gangster, Henrik is always right, and Gerry is the character who Reed played in The Running Tunnel.

    Hope that clears up the confusion, TheSnowLeopard.

  • Hey SnowLeopard,

    Thanks for the kind words, and we definitely plan to make more short films for the site in the near future.

    As for Rush Hour 4, I will only do it for 25 million.

  • Greg

    I wasn’t fan of this episode.

    I skip a show and some pretentious goon still takes a shot at HMV.

  • i kid because i love


  • Very good show, enjoyed it a lot!

  • “the parental (dis)affection they evoke toward this strange, funny man-child”

    That sums it up perfectly, and it’s gold.

  • Nemesis

    Greg, please come back 4 the next show, my headphones r hurting listening 2 Blake Carrington. It was just as frustrating listening 2 this as Jay & Sean sounded during the podcast…

  • Reed Farrington

    Hmmm… I seem to have split the FilmJunk podcast audience.

    Jay has told me that I’m never being invited back, so thanks a lot to the appropriately named Nemesis!

    I’m going to have to start my own podcast with an audience of one (Henrik).

    And yes, Greg will be back. (Greg, Greg, Greg! That’s all I hear.)

    (I am Jay’s hate-child.)

  • You could do a Star Trek podcast.

    Or a podcast based around top 5 lists with various topics, that always come back to wether or not you are attracted to the choices.

    Maybe a racial slur podcast? Or something called ‘Last Week In Tech’?

    I’m game for all of them.

  • Nemesis

    Hey Reed

    Dont blame me, some things work & some don’t. The filmjunk podcast format 4 me is sean, jay & greg, it’s just what i’m used to listening to.

    U come off much better in the short movie, that way i only have 2 put up with for under 10 mins.:)

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Why would Henrik be the only one listening to your own podcast, Reed?

    I said the show was funny and I would prefer all four of you together.

    Yet you dump me from your own Fan Club.


  • I’m playing a little catch up here guys.

    I’d have to add “A Bronx Tale” to top gangster movies. A top notch effort by (I think) first time director DeNiro.

    Also, Shatner vs Nimoy:
    Shatner all the way. He’s much more high profile than Nimoy. Nimoy may have written books and stuff, but Shatner is everywhere you look these days. Opening roasts, tribute to Lucas ceremony, Boston Legal (he’s FANTASTIC there), his role in Airplane II is priceless, Has Been is a great album – I was shocked when I heard it a few years back and realized how great it is. And let’s not forget he’s mentioned in fairly high regard in “Fight Club”. Contest over.

  • I’ve got to admit that I’m with Goon. Every now and then during this episode a good conversation would begin to take place between Sean and Jay, and then they would be interrupted by an off-the-wall comment by Reed/Darth which completely brings the good stuff to an annoying and awkward stand-still. Greg, please don’t leave us again…

  • I’m convinced we will be able to pull together an entertaining non-film related podcast in the future that will let Reed loose without the chance of interrupting any sort of focused discussion.

    We’re currently thinking about revisiting what we had going on with Fishing With Tom…just some plain old talkin’ about stuff. Stay tuned.