Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson Team Up for District 9

I guess it goes without saying that Peter Jackson is a good guy to have on your side in the film industry. Case in point: ever since Jackson decided that Neill Blomkamp was the right man to direct the Halo feature film, he has stood behind him, even when studios questioned his lack of experience. Jackson’s undying loyalty to Blomkamp may have even caused the Halo project to fall apart. Regardless, he continued to work with Blomkamp after the fact, and now it appears that he is about to give Blomkamp his first shot at directing a feature film. Hey, if big budget movie making experience is what he’s missing, then let’s buy the man some experience already!

District 9 is the name of a new live action sci-fi film that will be directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson through Wingnut Films. Nothing has been revealed in terms of story or setting, but Weta will be providing the special effects muscle. The script was co-written by Blomkamp’s partner Terri Tatchell. I, for one, am excited to see what comes of this, I just hope that this is a worthwhile project on its own and not something dreamed up solely to make the Halo movie a reality. I’m sure it is. Heck, there’s a good chance it could turn out even better than a Halo movie, don’t you think?