Film Junk Presents…’The Running Tunnel’

Happy Halloween! In celebration of our favourite holiday, we decided to spend our last Saturday night shooting a short movie for our loyal Film Junkies. ‘The Running Tunnel’ tells the tale of a sad group of friends whose lack luster Halloween party forces them to entertain themselves by retelling the tale of the running tunnel. Little did they know, IT WOULD CHANGE THEM FOREVER. The film stars Darth Nameless, Greg, and a few other faces you may recognize from around these parts. (Roman and Matt were in our Guitar Hero 2 mockumentary) This film was shot in one day and was totally made up as we went…and it shows. So turn the lights off, crank up your computer speakers and wait for this bitch to buffer. It’s time to get scared.

Right click here and ‘save as’ for the hi quality downloadable version.

  • Watching Darth Nameless dance is scarier than The Exorcist.

    This was pretty fucking hilarious. I totally want that Enterprise-D (it was the D, right?) model that’s hanging on the wall. Where’s party girl no. 1 though? Did you credit somebody who is dead, and I missed the joke or something?

    You should submit this to the academy.

  • RJ

    This totally ruled. Amazing job guys. Darth Nameless owned this. Fantastic music choices too. Please do more of these!

    RJ from Chicago

  • Goon

    massive bonus points for “hot love”

    Greg says ‘fuck’ like very few can. he should star in a short film about a Kevin Smith impersonator.

  • Andreas

    Really funny stuff and great work on the directing/editing Jay – couldn´t be easy getting it to look that good with such a cast? ;)!

  • Jon Rocks

    Great stuff… I loved it! Jay, what program did you use for the film aging? It looked terrific!

  • cuebert

    Awesome guys! Really good work, thought it was hilariously campy :D

    best line though?

    We built this city.. we built this city on rooock and; FUCK!

  • Hey Jon Rocks,

    It’s a great free plug in for FCP called ‘CGM Aged Film LE’. I was very impressed with it. Although it only does what you saw, at varying degrees. There’s no white dirt and no burn outs or anything fancy like that. But for free, it’s great.


    Thanks! It was tough making Darth Nameless look uncool.

  • That was fantastic! Great Job guys!

    I particularly loved the big with Greg singing to one of my favourite songs ever: Jefferson Starship rule.

  • That was awesome for one day’s work. I hope we see more stuff like this in the future.

  • Thanks for the comments guys.

    It’s funny because this short actually took less work then doing my video reviews. We’ll have to do some more in the future.

    Maybe a Home Alone remake this Christmas? Starring Darth Nameless as Kevin?

  • I like this better than the video reviews. I had my doubts but it was extremely entertaining.

    Not having the song playing when Greg sang might have been a syncing issue, but it just made it that much more hilarious when he was like “favorite part coming up again!”

  • As a matter of fact, Greg was very concerned that Jay wouldn’t add the music in, just to make him look foolish.

  • And I was very concerned that Greg might figure out that at no point did I intend to add the music.

  • Shit that ain’t the Enterprise D! I want to be able to edit my comments.

  • Reed Farrington

    Yeah, Jay did an amazing job with the editing. Jay’s like Wong Kar-Wai. No script. No idea where the story was going. That ending was totally improvised at 3 in the morning. Jay’s a perfectionist in setting up the shot, but when he shoots something, he’s really quick. Everyone was giving me directions on how I should say my lines, but I could never say them with the right inflection. I was in a school play in which I had one line. I missed my entrance cue. And then I flubbed my line. We did have a reshoot on Sunday because of a scene that got lost, and because we needed more story elaboration. In retrospect, I should have used my Klingon Batleth in the final scenes.

    BTW, Jay had composed an awesome horror theme with an ominous bass line. But he didn’t want to spend the time scoring this short film, so he never used his music. You guys should check out Jay’s pop music. He’s a multi-talented guy.

    And Henrik, that was an Enterprise E clock on the wall. The clock hands are sticking out the bridge dome. Go back and watch it again.

  • bikefitboy


    except do you intentionally misspell last names in the creds? I love these regardless. Keep’em up!

  • Only Matt’s name.

  • Reed Farrington

    Whose cred got misspelled?

    BTW, I forgot to mention what happened to Party Girl #1. We had an orgy scene with 3 guys and a girl, but the scene didn’t fit in with the story, so we had to cut the scene. The scene took over 2 hours to shoot, too.

    Don’t worry, she got paid.

    (Sorry, Angela.)

  • bikefitboy

    well roman’s on the final creds was misspelled too….but i shouldn’t have even brought it up…i just watched it again, you guys are great

  • When I saw it again I thought it looked like the Enterprise E, but I didn’t want to guess wrong once again… And I know how little you like the Enterprise E, judging from your movie-ratings. I still want it though.

    (You didn’t really open up that Blood Wine though, right? I hope that was just for show, since there was no announcement of a new series…)

  • Damn. I’m pretty sure I went back and corrected the spelling of Roman’s last name in the opening credits, but must’ve missed it in the final credits.

  • Matt

    My agent and I are pissed, you’ll be hearing from us Jay!

    I love the music from Demons, great surprise!

  • vee

    That was sweet. I’ve really enjoyed how this site has evolved over the years. Here’s to many more – Keep up the good work!

  • Primal

    This was wicked! Nice phone Darth, I want one too :)

    Happy Halloween Film Junkies!

  • Greg

    I wouldn’t say I was worried about looking foolish. I look foolish everyday and I’ve come to terms with it.

    I’ve known Jay long enough to know he’s an evil bastard. He’s quite good at it.

    It’s not often I get to rock out on camera.

  • That was a lot of fun guys (I dug the Argento-esque lighting, love the deep blues). Echo on the praise of nice music choices and yes, the film aging looked really good.

    Would you like to see more? Hell Yes.

  • Ian

    Fantastic. The parked car driving was expertly done. I did some of that for my thesis film it’s always great fun to add a little car noise in post and flesh out the illusion.

  • That was seriously the most amazing thing I’ve seen all week. Thank you!

  • Fantastic work Jay C., you rock!
    Happy Halloween!
    Best Regards from Italy,

  • Julien

    wow! this really started up my halloween evening. Nice job Jay…stellar performances by Darth Nameless & Greg!

  • Nemesis

    Great stuff, well done Jay, that’s better than most horror movies out today :)
    Greg, what a star!
    Keep up the good work.

  • Reed Farrington

    Thx everyone for your kind comments. I’m sure I speak for everyone involved (except for maybe Greg) that we’d be making these short films even if no one saw them but us. It’s a wonder of our age that we can so easily share them with all of you who seem to appreciate the spirit of frivolity in which they are made.

    Now we just need TheSnowLeopard to chime in and say that a lamp stand could have given a better performance than Darth Nameless.

  • Btw. Whats the music used for the opening credits?

  • The main theme from the film Cannibal Holocaust.

  • Finally got around to checking this out guys. And I have to say… hahahahahhHA! That was some great shit. The lines are funny as hell and that aging process worked really well I think.

    The lighting reminded me of some of the shots in the 80s movie, Creepshow. Awesome choice.

    Drinking Star Trek Blood Wine was a nice choice. I’d LOVE to see more of these. I’ll post this over on the MP blog when I get a chance – uh… like now.

    Great stuff. I bet it was fun to shoot.

  • Thanks Andrew!

    Good eye on the Klingon Blood Wine. Of course we had to use grape juice in the cups seeing as Darth Nameless couldn’t bring himself to actually crack the seal on that baby.

  • Great job guys! Love the lighting set-up especially. Now I’m really looking forward to the commentary track and the orgy scene outtake!

  • TheSnowLeopard

    I watched this on The Movie Blog (yikes!!) and they didn’t have that last bit with Greg in the ‘car’. Just as well I watched it again here.

    Darth was fun but Greg was friggin’ hilarious. Great use of music & sound.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Scratch my first comment. It worked second time around at TMB.

  • Connor G

    good work guys that was good for a laugh, I particularly enjoyed the scene of the 3 guys coming down the hall led by darth nameless with the 2 scythe looking things.

  • dougnagy

    the cigar was righteous!

  • The man

    Awesome Job Jay. You defiantly have style. But were was the girl?

  • She walks in the door behind Sean and Greg in the movie. You’ll have to do a CIA style frame by frame/digital enhancement to notice.

  • Reed Farrington

    I’m going to take credit for the cigar, sunglasses, and wardrobe of my character. A friend said all these things reminded him of the Hunter S. Thompson character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I’ve only seen clips and advertising for that movie. First time I’ve been compared with Johnny Depp.

    Jay is wrong about the girl. The girl is in the front seat next to Greg in the car, giving Greg a… oh, never mind. I just remembered this is a family site.

  • snorfle

    awesome….bring Roman (and Chin) back on the podcast sometime

  • dave

    haha bloody brilliant, reed farrington’s eyes at the end just before he gets down to dance were a definite highlight. Make more Jay, its inspiring me to dig out the camcorder! Cheers

  • Wow, dave, thx for the compliment. Seems like ages ago since we did The Running Tunnel. Glad that people are still discovering and enjoying it. It’s not bad for an unscripted night’s work. Ha ha. (BTW, I realize people are being generous in their praise.)

  • I seriously think your good in this reed, and I think you look good in Colore Non Vedenti too.

  • Niiice. Excellent short-film, guys!

    I was suprised to see that Reed can act, so props to you Reed, you did really good. I especially like the small detail of the cigar always hanging out of your mouth, that was funny.

    Seans very short appearance was also good and the other three guys played their parts okay too. However, Reed really was the star of this.

    So all in all I’m looking forward to your next film Jay, I hope it has tons more Reed!

  • Kasper, Jay hired professional actors for his next film, “Colore Non Vedenti.” I auditioned for the non-speaking role of a stud, but ended up with a non-speaking role of a mindless drone. I think the role I landed was more suited to my abilities.

    Jay has mentioned making a buddy-cop short film with Baychuk and myself playing the buddy-cops. Not sure if he was serious about this.

    Thx for the praise, Kasper. (I knew giving you a dedication on Cantankerous would be worth it. :-))