Film Junk Presents…’The Running Tunnel’

Happy Halloween! In celebration of our favourite holiday, we decided to spend our last Saturday night shooting a short movie for our loyal Film Junkies. ‘The Running Tunnel’ tells the tale of a sad group of friends whose lack luster Halloween party forces them to entertain themselves by retelling the tale of the running tunnel. Little did they know, IT WOULD CHANGE THEM FOREVER. The film stars Darth Nameless, Greg, and a few other faces you may recognize from around these parts. (Roman and Matt were in our Guitar Hero 2 mockumentary) This film was shot in one day and was totally made up as we went…and it shows. So turn the lights off, crank up your computer speakers and wait for this bitch to buffer. It’s time to get scared.

Right click here and ‘save as’ for the hi quality downloadable version.

  • Zoo

    This is probably my favourite Film Junk production ever! It really made me laugh. The standout performance is Greg’s role. Reed also turns in a nice performance.

    I would really like to see more of these made, maybe an annual thing.

    Why aren’t there t-shirts featuring all the Film Junk movies. There should be Running Tunnel shirts and Colore Non Vedenti swag also. Can you imagine an image of Tom the cook from Colore Non Vedenti splashed across a t-shirt? That would be sweet. He is almost as memorable as The Shape from Halloween in that movie.

  • Zoo, thx for checking out The Running Tunnel, and for your kind words.

    Greg does have a natural charisma to match his awesome voice. He really should audition for a role in the next Trailer Park Boys movie. Not because he lives in a trailer, I’m just saying…

    I’m sure Tom would appreciate your kind words as well.

    (BTW, back in 2007, I forgot that Jay had mentioned remaking Home Alone with me taking over Macaulay Culkin’s role. Maybe have Sean play Daniel Stern and Greg play Joe Pesci?)

  • Steve

    Not working for me, stops after 10 seconds.