Escape From New York Remake Falling Apart: Ratner and Butler Are Out

Okay so I’m trying not to grin like a jackass as I write up this next post. The upcoming remake of John Carpenter’s classic Escape From New York has hit a number of major snags this week, leaving the project without a director and also without a star. On Monday it was widely reported that director Brett “The Rat” Ratner was off the project, despite rumours that he had supposedly replaced Len Wiseman earlier in the month. Now comes word that leading man Gerard Butler has decided to head for the hills as well, exiting the film due to “creative differences”. Butler was one of the few potential bright spots for this remake, after his great performance in 300 made him a marketable name among fanboys. (I still don’t know that he could have ever hoped to fill Kurt Russell’s shoes though.)

If you’re a fan of the original Escape From New York, this is all good news. Unfortunately, it seems that they’re still moving forward with the project at this time. Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, U-571) has been hired to rewrite the script with an option to direct. That’s certainly not much of an improvement… come on people, get a clue! Maybe if we all just convince ourselves that this remake never even existed in the first place, it will quietly fade away without any further incident.

  • Good news indeed. I was exstatic to hear that Ratner was out and I agree that Butler looked to be the only bright thing about this remake. Now that the whole thing has gone to crap, it’ll be interesting to see if the project just dies or if it picks up steam again down the road.

  • I had read a review of the script for the remake at Ain’t It Cool News which made it sound really good. Ah well.