Mad Max 4: Fury Road Gearing Up For Production

There’s been talk of a fourth Mad Max film happening for a while now, but with director George Miller recently confirmed to be working on Justice League and also a Happy Feet sequel, it didn’t seem like it would materialize any time soon. Now comes word from an inside source that the movie has been given the greenlight and Fox Studios in Sydney have opened up shop for pre-production. The movie is tentatively titled Mad Max 4: Fury Road, based on a script from British comic book artist/writer Brendan McCarthy, and it will star someone other than Mel Gibson in the lead role.

So, is this good news? Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was widely considered a disappointment, and fans might worry about tarnishing the series further. On the other hand, I would be stoked to see what they can do with this franchise using today’s special effects. I am also glad to see that it’s an actual sequel rather than another one of these damn remakes! There were rumours a while back that Paul Walker might be up for the lead role. Who would you like to see play Mad Max instead of Gibson?

  • I would like the lead to be NOT paul walker.

  • daburf


  • Captain N

    Maybe if Miller makes it Mad Max 4: Fury On the Jews, Mel Gibson may be more inclined to come back.

  • If Brendan McCarthy wrote it, there’s a good chance of seeing some verrrrrry weird shit take place in this movie. I’m in.

  • Roy

    crap, will probaly be crap but i hope i am wrong.

  • I’m with Rian. With Brendan McCarthy onboard this has potential.

  • MAX

    I think Tommy Flanagan should play Max since they won’t get Mel. He looks battle torn an dusty. I’d believe it then but not Paul Walker he’s too clean cut and too young and American and too blond. Give us some Tommy Flanagan he would give the movie the edge that it’s going to need without Mel and I don’t want to see some high school looking kid play Mad Max. Paul Walker was good in Running Scared I liked that movie but he’s not right for Mad Max.

  • nervous rex

    It seems like Russell Crow or maybe George Clooney could pull it off.

  • nervous rex

    It seems like Russell Crow could pull it off.

  • Mathew Fox

  • Andrew

    I think Clive owen would do a good job Plus I think he;s pretty into cars and driving the crap outta them.

  • cronenfly

    This could be something…

  • sinjin

    that dude that played the lead role in 300 would do it

  • sinjin

    Bruce Campbel from evil dead, thats the ticket

  • Fuckin A

    Mel Gibson, that’s it

  • This story has complete potential. I have always been a fan so here’s what I am thinking (completely Australian). How about new comer to Western eyes, Adam Garcia as the lead. With a favorable resemblence to a young Mel Gibson, he would make a great link as son to the ‘Mad’ Max Rockatansky charachter. With the right script, it could really help put him on the map with more permanance. Maybe some supporting/rival roles by other aspiring young Aussies like Sam Worthington, Aden Young, Nathan Phillips, Alex Dimitriadis, Clayton Watson, Kestie Morassi, Gigi Edgley, Tammin Sursok and Abbie Cornish to name a few… yea I did my home work on this one. I hope I inspired some thought.

  • adriann

    most suitable for this sequel would be clive owen

  • filmfann

    Any Mad Max film requires the Warrior Max.
    Mel Gibson must return!

  • buda_online

    Any road warrior film without Mel is a movie not worth watching. Let it go straight to video.

    I have been waiting 24 years to see Mel finally get out of the wasteland.

    Miller was quoted on some site saying he thought Mel wouldn’t take the role because he is too old.

    Crapola bub. Mell is the only reason Road Warrior is what it has become.

  • buda_online

    Having no Mel in Road Warrior is like having no Arnold Schwartznegger in Conan. You just can’t do it. Normally star power has little to do with a films success but in this rare situation, you need the original actor. You just can’t change the actor and expect a kind response.

    Mel come back to Thunderdome!!!!

  • Mark

    There is only one Mad Max, if they don’t get Mel don’t make it.


    if they are going to make it it needs 2 b 100% australian epecially max an american max would be a trasvisty if there is no mel the character shouldn’t be max shud be son of max or brother or something just not max

  • Hoardak

    Howabout… ” NO C.G.I.!!!!! for a change. I’d like to see Mel in there but, he IS pretty old & wrinklie. I don’t know how they could work his age into the script. A cameo role at least. Heath Ledger would’ve been perfect. Maybe Hugh Jackman? Russel Crowe would be good. Just, please don’t get somebody lame & wimpy just because he happens to be hot right now, like Shya La-Buff or something. Max has to be tough & grizzled.

  • Murphis

    this is the best movie ever! if you do make a sequel you may want to use a 1991-1993 Nissan NX for Max’s has T-bar roof and thats good for jumps in and out of the car,the hach comes off so you can even put gas tanks in the back just like the old times and ya get someone new maybe australian that is if you can’t get the Road Warrior Mel Gibson back just one more time!

    oh ya.. i got two NX’s if ya need’em

  • Dick Rude

  • Dirge

    Nissan? Get the fuck outta here.

    Has to be a Holden Interceptor- and we already know it is.

    I second the George clooney idea, Clive Owen might do as well. It needs somebody with presence, not a throwaway actor like Paul Walker.

    With any luck it’ll be like the first two movies… Beyond Thunderdome was Beyond an Abortion… yuck!

  • mark

    Sam Worthington or Karl Urban

  • soufian lmarfa

    i would like to sign because i want to talk about films

  • soufian1998

    i think that sam worthington should play that role because he act in movies are the same like terminator salvation or thomas jane cause he make the punisher but not Paul Walker because i heared that mel gibson answer no for mad max fury road