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This week on the Film Junk Podcast, it’s another double bill with group reviews of both 30 Days of Night and Michael Clayton. We also each take some time to offer up our Top 5 movies directed by actors, and in Versus, it’s a showdown between two creatures of the night: vampires vs zombies! Also up for discussion are some recent headlines including more Star Trek casting, Robert Rodriguez’s Barbarella remake, and the shutdown of Let’s face it folks, a week without Film Junk is like 30 days without sunlight. Bite down hard on this week’s episode by clicking below!

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  • Good reviews, and a good Top 5. The VS. was a little bland, I can’t believe you picked zombies though… I know there are some classic zombie movies, but Dusk Till Dawn, Blade 1&2, Interview with a Vampire…? Can’t beat that, no matter how annoyed you are with Goths. I mean, you can’t hold that against vampire movies. The Matrix is a horrible analogy, because that took an existing culture and put that into the movie, whereas vampires have existed for much longer than the ‘goth’-trend. Just because some kids decided to name themselves Memnoch or Linx shouldn’t spoil your enjoyment of some cultured blood-drinking (or not so cultured, as in Dusk).

    I will come to the defense of Gerry for a second though. I think he has a unique voice (literally) and his passion for Star Trek is so endearing that I don’t see how you could have anything against him. He might be a little scatter-brainy at times, but he’s asian! Give the guy a break! I’d kill to see a Star Trek-only podcast with BOTH him and Gas on the show. Including Jay doing impersonations of Sulu and Kirk.

    I also really enjoyed the debate about the TVLinks website. Great fun!

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Greg sounded like he was talking out of a toilet bowl this episode!

    Disagree with Jay about TVLinks. In Australia the commercial TV networks have given the public such god-awful programs, cancelled good programs and treated their viewers with contempt (eg deliberately overruning their programs past the scheduled end time so viewers will miss out on the start of a program on a rival channel) that I have no moral problem with an entrepreneur taking advantage of a potential market that screws over the TV networks. The sooner the TV networks lose their monopoly on what we watch and when, the better.

    Fright Night = excellent movie.

    Replace Darth with a lamp!!! WTF???? The guy’s ideas and personality are so different from everyone else he would make a quality addition to the show, even if it was only say once a month.

    And yes, I mean ‘addition’. No one can be replaced on this podcast (including the sports jock guy).

    Fortunately, Filmjunk is still the most consistently entertaining movie podcast even without Darth, so rock on.

  • Greg

    Sadly, I was not in a toilet bowl this episode. Maybe I should reposition the mic next time.

    I think it’s great that the fattest guy on the show is referred to as the sports jock guy.

    I do love sports.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Aaargh. Did I say sports jock? I was thinking of the guys who play sport rather than those who watch it. So Greg – the sports nut, sports tragic, whatever.

    Which reminds me,

    1. Will we ever be able to edit our comments once posted
    2. Will you ever introduce smilie icons into the comments section
    3. What happened to the wed re-design (or has it already happened and is so subtle I can’t see the changes).

  • “Replace Darth with a lamp!!! WTF????” Funny when I read that, I couldn’t help reading as if it was being said by Darth Nameless, but in Jays impression of him. WHAT!?!

  • Hey Snow Leopard, I think sports jock is the right term for Greg.

    Answers to your questions:

    1. I believe you can edit comments if you create a WordPress user account but I’ve never really tested it out. Can anyone out there confirm this?
    2. Smilies work… sort of. If you type them in, when the comment gets posted it will be replaced with an icon.
    3. The redesign is still in the works, although it will probably be introduced a little bit at a time. It will be subtle but we will be sure to point out the changes as they occur.


  • Charlie

    Great. As always.

  • Thanks Charlie!

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Let’s see if this works:



  • Bunyip

    I come from Darcy’s country and I can’t understand what the hell he is saying either. Hope this helps!