Universal Backs Out of Barbarella?

For a while now it’s been confirmed that Robert Rodriguez would direct an update of the campy 60’s sci-fi film Barbarella. Coming off his work on Grindhouse, I can’t think of many people that would be better suited for the project, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve. Unfortunately, according to the New York Observer, it looks like the movie may already be in trouble, with Universal reportedly backing out of the project over a casting disagreement.

It seems that Rodriguez wants to cast his girlfriend Rose McGowan in the lead role of Barbarella, and he simply won’t take no for an answer. To be fair, I do think that she would be great for the part, and according to Rodriguez, the Universal execs loved her screen test too. So what’s the problem here? Well if you want to believe Rodriguez’s side of the story, he says the issue is actually the escalating budget of the film. Universal originally agreed to $60 million, but after going through the script they estimated the film would require closer to $82 million. It’s unclear what might happen to the movie, assuming this report is true. Executive producer Dino De Laurentiis could technically continue to fund it without the help of Universal, but everyone seems concerned about the fact that “Robert’s vision is blurred by Rose”. Love… what is it good for? It’s not good for business, that’s for sure!

  • Ian

    maybe Roman Coppola would be a good director?

  • Come on…we all know that the real reason this movie isn’t getting made is because Universal is following suit with WB and dropping all movies with female leads.

    In all seriousness, though, this is disappointing news. I was very much looking forward to this film.

  • Roy

    i was looking forward to this movie aswell but oh well hopfully they change there minds.

  • Greg

    Their minds will change. This movie will get made. $80 million? That’s it? After a world wide release of a Robert Rodriguez film I can’t believe anyone is worried it will lose money. This thing had DVD release gold written all over it.

  • I was surprised to see Rose McGowan referred to as his girlfriend. He was a happily married man with three kids until Grindhouse.

  • Probably not that happily then…

    I’m sure his wife just kept giving him shit for portraying himself as Antonio Banderas in his Spy Kids movies.

    I’m glad he is getting away from his kids though. Look at what he named them: Racer Rodriguez, Rocket Rodriguez, Rebel Rodriguez. Rocket Valentin,Racer Maximilliano, Rebel Antonio, Rogue are the boys and Rhiannon Elizabeth is a girl. I would hate my father if he called me Rocket!

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