WTF… Karl Urban is Leonard McCoy?

Well, it appears that J.J. Abrams’ Enterprise crew is now complete. The final piece of the puzzle is all but confirmed to be Karl Urban in the role Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the upcoming Star Trek XI. Man, this cast just keeps getting weirder and weirder. You may remember Urban from such films as Pathfinder, Doom, The Chronicles of Riddick and The Lord of the Rings. He has generally played big muscular guys that kick a lot of ass… not necessarily attributes that Bones was known for. Is McCoy going to double as the ship’s security officer as well? I have to admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for Urban as an over-the-top action star, but I simply don’t see the connection here between his acting resume and this role in particular. I suppose they can just throw some glasses on him to make him look more intelligent, but hey, they could do that with anyone! I am now more curious than ever to see this misfit cast suited up in their Starfleet uniforms, although I have some nagging doubts about what the end result will be. Anyone else feeling a bit weirded out by this whole thing? Can you see Karl Urban as Bones?

  • 1138

    I really think Karl will be good…remember he is an actor and I do think a fine one…he’s got such great presence on screen and granted he’s been in mostly action movies but I do believe he has the acting chops to pull this off.

    I think he is very underrated and really needs a good project to give his career a lift!! Maybe it’s a starship that will!!

    I wonder if he would have made a good Kirk? I think he might have made a really good kirk actually!!!

  • Hearing this news makes me think even more than before that Woody Allen accurately portrayed Los Angeles in Annie Hall.

  • I totally agree with the first person who commented here. Couldn’t have said it better myself, in fact. Karl Urban is very underrated as an actor and he’s been categorized as an action-movie guy who can’t seem to be good for anything else and that is just wrong. Anyone who’s seen most of his films can vouch to that. Karl is very talented, he would be great as McCoy, and I sincerely hope this is the big break he really needs.

  • Spike

    If Karl Urban is going to pull off Dr. McCoy successfully, then he is going to have to go on a diet and let his chest and arm muscles waste away.

    McCoy is a gruff but gentle tricorder button-pusher, not a fighting man like Kirk.

  • Geena

    If you read interviews with Karl Urban he seems to always say that his favorite type of movie is Science Fiction and this is probably a reason why he chooses to do them. He was different in Comanche Moon, The Bourne Supremacy, Ghost Ship, and pretty funny in The Price of Milk. I think he’ll be good as Dr. McCoy. I think he’ll be able to carry off the dedicated doctor/humanitarian side and the humor and rivalry between Bones and Spock. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  • Dr. McCoy held his own in fights. I always found that kind of weird with the doctor fighting. There should have been an episode where McCoy accidentally kills someone with violence, even in self-defense, and have him deal with this.

    As for Urban. I didn’t realize that he was in The Chronicles of Riddick and The Lord of the Rings. I was recently watching Doom, and I agree that he has charisma. He can carry off a degree of intelligence. I find he has a resemblance to DeForest Kelley.

  • Silaku

    Karl Urban may seem to be too “rough” or rugged” to play Dr. McCoy but I don’t believe that is the case. Karl is a good actor and dismissing his abilities just because the movies he’s starred in so far are action movies is presumptive and just plainly stupid. Sure he looks tougher than the guy they chose as Captain Kirk, but looking at the released pictures of Karl and crew, I think he fits the role near-perfectly. They just need to do something about that delicious body of his–he shouldn’t overshadow Chris Pines’!

  • Silaku, what makes you think Urban is a good actor if all he’s starred in so far are action movies?

    Urban does have an intensity from little of what I’ve seen of his acting, so that should play well if there are any acenes with McCoy and Kirk having an argument. McCoy is Kirk’s emotional conscience.

    McCoy was also a ladies man with his good-natured southern gentleman qualities that apparently were traits of the actor DeForest Kelley.

    Urban should have the line, “I’m a doctor, not a body-builder!”

  • Oh, I wanted to mention that even the casting of DeForest Kelley was “controversial” for McCoy in the Original Series since Kelley had a background in westerns and had a reputation for playing the bad guy.

  • Wow. . . RAWR!!! I’m all for that. ;)