Chris Pine Confirmed as Captain Kirk in Star Trek XI?

I wouldn’t call this an official confirmation, but it’s pretty much the next best thing. According to director Joe Carnahan via his personal blog, actor Chris Pine has accepted an offer to play Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek film being produced by J.J. Abrams. We had heard last week that Pine had become the frontrunner for the role (replacing earlier reports of Mike Vogel) but that he had a scheduling conflict with Carnahan’s next film, White Jazz. After some deliberation, it seems that Trek presented him an opportunity to go where no man (aside from William Shatner) had gone before, and so he decided to bow out of White Jazz.

Pine has previously starred in Carnahan’s Smokin’ Aces, in addition to such films as The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, Blind Dating, and opposite Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck. There’s no question that up until now, he has been seen as a bit of a heartthrob, appearing mainly in romantic comedies. And although I lamented the potential casting of Mike Vogel for this very reason, I think now I realize that it’s a smart move on the part of J.J. Abrams and his team to bring on board someone with some sex appeal. Who knows, maybe some women will actually be tempted to go see this new Star Trek film after all! In the end, it’s all about expanding the audience for this franchise, and I think there’s a good chance they may achieve that. Whether or not it will feel anything at all like Star Trek still remains to be seen.

  • If Connor Trineer getting oiled up with his shirt off couldn’t get women to watch Enterprise, what are they going to do with this guy?

    Here’s a plotline: Kirk gets it on with Eric Bananas wife (if they’re human, normal people can’t hande interspecies intercourse of course) and he gets pissed off and wants to destroy earth. He gets in contact with romulans through a time-device hilariously explained by somebody with glasses and they see an opportunity to end the federation before it begins. Kirk has to deal with this all being his fault, and somehow his superiors therefore feel he is the only one who can solve it.

    The only problem would be that Kirk never learned his lesson since he obviously screws around in his later years. But I doubt that’d stop them from giving us a Star Trek with such a groundbreaking plot device as adultery. Afterall these are the same guys who gave us Transformers.

  • And then Zap Brannigan saves the day!

    …he’s in Star Trek right?

  • Greg

    If only Zap was in it…at least it might be entertaining.

    I have no idea who this dude is. Although, the fact that he was in the sequel to the Princess Diaries is pretty awesome for fanboys all around the world.

    The biggest science fiction movie in years starring Harold without Kumar and this pansy.

    May the Schwartz be with you.

    …that’s from Star Trek right?

  • Seantonio

    I am so extremely nervous about this movie…
    I am one of the few (apparently) who really enjoyed ST: Nemesis. I know, nobody really went to see it and it broke my fragile emo heart because I wanted so badly to see a follow up to that movie. There were things about it that bothered me but I thought it was a fresh one-shot with good action, good effects and a nice grittiness to it. Also, the score was not typical ST and made some of the moments really stand out for me. I remember a scene on the bridge in which they were basically just waiting around and the music was kinda funky with some unusual synth mixed in. It made the scene very surreal for to me at least.
    AND seeing those two ships crash together in the theater…whoa dude…

    well, we’ll see what happens. if anyone but tha J.J. were making this movie I would have laughed at the concept. ST to me is about moving forward, not going back.

  • JOHN!

    Chris Pine is hot as hell. Far hotter than Trip on Enterprise.

    I hope the movie is gonn be good though.