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This week on the Film Junk Podcast, we review Wes Anderson’s newest film The Darjeeling Limited, confront our inner demons and decide whether or not we’re finally sick of Anderson’s quirky style. We also count down our Top 5 movie soundtracks and force Bill Murray and Steve Martin to fight to the death in Versus, in addition to discussing some recent Star Trek casting news, and a handful of new trailers. Let’s go on a spiritual journey together folks… click on the link below, and smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em.

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  • I can’t believe none of you mentioned Steve Martins best and funniest part. You even mentioned him playing a dentist in another movie! I highly recommend you check out his portrayal of the sadistic dentist in Little Shop of Horrors which beats anything I’ve seen Bill Murray do, the uncharming lardman.

    I think you guys totally forgot about any Stanley Kubrick movies for top 5 soundtracks. But I guess I should just be glad no Pixar movies got mentioned. Where was Shrek though? I’m sure Greg loved it when the donkey sang at the end! Amadeus should have been in there as well.

    Glad to hear some Stones in my FilmJunk though. Need more of that.

  • Greg

    Ouch. I think Shrek sucked. I’m not sure if that was a shot at my tastes or not…but, whatever, dude.

    I did think of Little Shop of Horrors…but I’m not a fan of the movie

    As far as Kubrick soundtracks go…I don’t think they were forgotten. We gave our favourites…Kubrick soundtracks just don’t happen be one of them.

  • I was joking man.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Great show guys.

    Jay was on form this go-round: Eric Banana (I’m still chuckling at that) and the tirade against Walmart.

    What I hate about department stores is when they employ kids barely out of their nappies who are both stupid and awkward and have no idea how to interact with customers or ask them questions that might help with what they are looking for. All this so they save on labor costs. It’s their way of giving us the bird and saying ‘You want polite, useful service? Well screw you!’

    Some general comments:
    1. I think Jay is becoming a hyperchondriac
    2. Jay sounds nothing like Peter Sarsgaard
    3. Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds would make a great movie
    3. I like anime because it is the polar opposite of Disney: no pandering to kids, no gratuitous merchandising, no corny songs, no ironic pop culture references, no lame, self-referential, inside or just plain dumb jokes, no comic sidekicks, less formulaic, better pacing etc
    4. The Smiths are my favourite band EVER

    Some general questions:
    1. Where do Jay and Sean hail from? The way you say words ending in ‘out’- like about, shout, etc – is quite distinctive
    2. Is the music that introduces Junk Mail from a TV show called Crank Yankers?
    3. Where’s Darth? ;)
    3. Do you post your Top 5’s anywhere on the website? I would like to reference them on occasion without going back through the podcast.


  • TheSnowLeopard

    Almost forgot…

    This week’s versus was very good. Everything you said about Bill Murray and particularly Steve Martin was spot on. Martin is the more versatile artist (he is also a playwright), but I’d vote for Bill Murray.

    Agree with Greg about Hayden Christensen, though he was good in Shattered Glass.

  • I had a similar experience as Jay had with WalMart this week.

    the Stephen Colbert book was initially advertised as coming with a bonus DVD. The first stores I went to looking for it didnt have it. While I later found that the bonus DVD idea was scrapped months ago (and yet the amazon descriptions were never updated) before all this I called…


    a fucking book store. and these obviously teenage kids who eat too many chocolate bars or dont wash their face, had no idea who Colbert was.

    “Hey, I have a question about the Colbert book”
    “Col… bear?”
    “you know, the biggest release of this week, maybe this month”
    “never heard of it”
    “theres a giant standee at the front of your store of him pointing to a full shelf of his books”
    “there is?”
    “yes, can you tell me if behind the counter you have bonus dvds for them”
    “why would a book have a dvd?”
    “because the publisher said it would”

    5 minutes later

    “so its a new book?”
    “Stephen Colbert”
    “how do you spell that?”

    2 minutes later

    “yeah we have the book, do you want us to put one on hold for you?”
    “i. know. you. have. the book. I asked you to check. if there was a bonus dvd.”
    “why would a book have a dvd”

    (at this point i dont know why i’m not hanging up”

    “sigh… YOUR ONLINE WEBSITE and says it comes with a bonus dvd, but when i was in your store, there werent any inside the book itself. your store was busy, so i’m calling to see if you’re keeping them behind the counter”
    “OH!!! i can check dude”

    yes, he said dude

    2 minutes later (luckily im working on the computer and keeping busy otherwise otherwise i’d declare time murder)

    “nah man, no dvds in the books”
    “i know. are you keeping them behind the counter at the front?”

    he shouts at the cashier


    i called another store in the area, and had a similar but shorter experience.

  • Wow, I thought everyone knew who Stephen Colbert was by now.

    TheSnowLeopard: Thanks for the comments. I’ll try to answer your questions…

    1. We are Canadian (as is Greg), and I guess Canadians are generally known for saying “aboot” instead of “about”. Although I personally don’t think we have a very obvious accent, I suppose I just can’t hear it. There are definitely Canadians who say “aboot” a lot more explicitly than we do though.
    2. The Junk Mail music is from a guy named Jean-Jacques Perrey and the song is called “Chicken on the Rocks”.
    3. Darth is… around.
    3. We haven’t been posting the Top 5’s on the site as of yet, but we’re going to start doing that in the near future. We’re also going to start breaking up the podcasts and posting each segment individually as an alternative way to listen to them. I’m planning to go back and repost some older Top 5’s as well.

  • There’s nothing I love more than a Jay rant these days.

    While I agree that the employees at Wal-Mart are, for the most part, absolute morons, the store does have one redeeming feature (at least around here), and that is the $5 DVD bin. Last week alone I purchased The Dead Zone, The Karate Kid, Outbreak, The Truman Show, Young Guns, The Long Riders, Under Siege, The Relic, and Rumble In The Bronx for five bucks each. Most of them were special editions with plenty of special features, too.

  • Are you going to stop recording the show as it is now? Please don’t. I hate having to listen to 6 different podcasts in a row, it’s like when DVDs don’t have a ‘play all’ feature.

  • Henrik:

    Don’t worry, the show will always be uploaded as one downloadable file. Sean’s just talking about alternative ways of distributing it on the website.

  • I think most Canadians say “aboat” rather than “aboot”

  • Now that it seems all the major Star Trek casting has been done (they need Bones and Chekov still right?) What are the odds of getting nobody on the show and hear what they have to say about it?

  • cuebert

    Greg sounds like Malcolm Ingram ..