The Eye Trailer Starring Jessica Alba

Oh. My. God. If this picture of Jessica Alba screaming into her oven isn’t frightening enough for you, just wait until you see the trailer for the upcoming remake of the Pang Brothers’ The Eye. Be prepared to lose control of your bowels. Okay, I admit it, I’m being a sarcastic jerk. Let’s face it, just about everyone is sick of seeing remakes of asian horror flicks by now, and if Tom Cruise’s new version of The Eye was going to make any sort of dent in the box office, it would have to be pretty damn good to overcome the recent fall in public favour. I haven’t seen the movie, so who knows, maybe it’s great. After all, it’s directed by two more members of the new French horror elite, David Moreau and Xavier Palud (Ils), which sounds promising, but come on man… this trailer is atrocious!

Whoever decided to make it a 60 second rock video was kidding themselves if they thought it would be scary in any way. To make matters worse, the actual song sounds like thinly veiled clone of the 28 Days Later theme. I seem to recall the production on this remake being a bit troubled, and according to IMDb, there were some reshoots by Patrick Lussier (White Noise 2: The Light, Dracula 2000). Did I mention that it was written by the same guy who wrote Gothika and Snakes on a Plane? That can’t be a good sign. The Eye hits theatres on February 1st. Check out the trailer over at Yahoo! and see what you get out of it.

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  • for the record, the original version is FANTASTIC.

  • Well now I’m interested in seeing the Pang Bros. version. For now, I’ll just wait till she lifts that no-nudity clause and then consider paying to watch her movies. Just kidding.

    I actually liked her when she did Dark Angel and Idle Hands. She should do more horror comedies or horror sex comedies because I can’t take her acting seriously. She’s just so pretty.

    It’s kind of funny though because I might go watch this if I hear that there will be some eye gore. Kill Bill, They Call Her One-Eye, Zombi, and Opera are just a few that have awesome eye-ripping/severing moments. So I might need my fix ;)

  • I do like the original version as well. Although I don’t remember if it had anyone screaming into an oven or not.

  • Sean you’re such a tease! I actually watched the horrible trailer for this piece of shit waiting for that shot of her screaming into an oven, and it wasn’t in there! Foul play.

  • Come on man, you don’t expect them to spoil the best part of the movie by putting it in the trailer, do you???

  • Greg

    Well, do we even know if that still is from the movie? Maybe it’s from her home. Maybe she fucked up baking a pie. Maybe that pie was for someone special. Did you ever think about that? I’d sure as hell be mad at my oven if I was baking a pie for someone special and my oven fucked it up.

    Now I’m thinking about Jessica Alba’s pie.

    That poor pie.

  • Ugh.

  • Great, now when ever i watch the trailer for this film im gonna be thinking about baking a pie lol, oh and just to inform those who might be a lil comfussed This is a TEASER trailer for the film NOT the THEATRICAL trailer. Teasers aren’t supposed to go for that long, they are just supposed to make people know a lil something about the film (for example it’s a supernatural horror/thriller starring jessica alba in the lead role and has something to do with the after effects of an eye operation). Im sure the theatrical with go for about 2:00 mins and will explain and show more of the film…..PROBEBLY EVEN THE BAKING THE PIE SCENE LOL

  • John

    Say what you want about the trailer, but don’t knock the music. It wasn’t written for the trailer, they took two songs from Blaqk Audio’s “CexCells”, which is an amazing album and sounds nothing like 28 days later theme or whatever the hell you’re talking about. The music knockoff accusation would only work if the songs were actually written with this trailer in mind.