Charlie Wilson’s War Trailer Starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts

The first trailer has just arrived for what we now know is the #10 most anticipated movie of next yearCharlie Wilson’s War! It stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, which I assume is the main reason moviegoers are so eager to see it, since the actual premise doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that usually fills seats. Then again, this is shaping up to be a big year for political dramas. Charlie Wilson is a Texas congressman who, during the Cold War, talked the C.I.A. into supplying weapons to Afghanistan to take on the Soviet Union. His actions helped neutralize the communist threat, but it indirectly resulted in the rise of the Taliban and paved the way for Osama Bin Laden to build his terrorist network.

Knowing that, you may wonder why this trailer plays out as if Charlie Wilson is some sort of American hero. In fact, it seems to be more of a comedy than anything else, although that may just be how they’re marketing it. Is it supposed to be a biting satire? I’m not sure. It’s directed by Mike Nichols who has brought us such films as Closer, The Birdcage and of course, The Graduate. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, on the other hand, was the man behind A Few Good Men. With the exception of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who looks pretty hilarious, I don’t have a ton of interest in this. But I have a sneaking suspicion it will be generating Oscar buzz come December. Charlie Wilson’s War hits theatres on December 25th.

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  • Ian

    Hmmm I think if Sorkin wrote it then that should answer any questions about it being a comedy/satire/drama. It’ll be a little bit of everything with snappy dialogue that pays lip service to Sorkin’s opposing view while also poking fun at his own and in the end will be an ambivalent road to hell is paved with good intentions kinda thing. OR atleast that’s my unseen movie review for it.

  • This trailer is parodically american. Get the F*ck out of my office! I think Tom Hanks is the best worldwide actor around, and I think he should get into more gravital roles. But I guess the failure of getting nominated for Road to Perdition may have pushed him back into all-star shit like this.

    I don’t know, this might be a good film. But from this trailer it looks like a fucking shit burger. ‘American Pie’ for the serious parts? Phillip Seymour Hoffman providing comic relief? How fucking paved is this road?