Shaolin Soccer Sequel: Shaolin Girl Teaser Trailer

I had a hard time believing that the so-called “spiritual sequel” to Stephen Chow’s Hong Kong sports comedy Shaolin Soccer was going to be about a girl playing lacrosse… and yet the first teaser trailer for the film has just turned up online, confirming exactly that. So people outside of North America actually play lacrosse? I never would have guessed. Shaolin Girl is a Japanese movie, produced by Chow, and (I believe) directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro (Udon). The trailer is in Japanese, but action scenes of fiery balls flying into nets don’t require translation, do they? Aside from being somewhat redundant (as most sequels are), this flick still looks like it could actually be fun. Check out the teaser below.

[gv data=”vvbZBsST5g8″][/gv]

  • I’m not really that interested if Chow isn’t directing, but i’ll probably see it. I really hope Chow is Kato.

  • liuime

    This movie is simply wasting viewers’ time.
    Poor screenplay, poor story-telling, poor CG effect, and most importantly, poor KUNG FU! If you find the actions in this movie is acceptable or even cool, then you will be shocked by watching the genuine/traditional Chinese Kungfu movies. You will regret you spared your time on this lousy product.