Download Film Junk Podcast for Oct. 8, 2007

This week on the Film Junk Podcast, many of you will be disappointed to hear that there are no poop stories, and yet somehow we still manage to talk out of our asses for a good two hours regardless. Tune in for our review of the soon to be cult classic documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, along with our lists of Top 5 Funniest Documentaries. In Versus, it’s two current action stars duking it out: Vin Diesel vs The Rock. We also talk a bit about this whole fiasco with Warner Bros supposedly banning future movies with female lead characters, and in Film Junk Defense Force, Sean sticks up for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. All this plus Trailer Trash and Junk Mail as well… obviously this is one weekly ritual you don’t want to skip! Download this week’s episode below.

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  • MoriaOrc

    The scene in Hell House where the construction crew means to paint a giant Pentagram on a background but ends up painting a Star of David is
    hilariousness gold.

  • Yeah, that’s classic. And the dj guy who can’t remember the name of the date rape drug. It’s a classic movie.

  • I haven’t seen Hell House but I did enjoy the audtion/rehearsal part of The Root Of All Evil which I think was in a similar place. An actor rehearsing to play the devil was strangely entertaining.

  • A BOY AND HIS DOG! Classic little gem. It’s a bit sluggish here and there, and shot on filmstock which just ain’t friendly to night shooting (which most of the movie taken place).

    The film has one of the best closing line stingers out there. The actor who does the voice of the dog is excellent.

    Also, weird, weird performance from Jason Robards Jr.

  • Lastly, if you are in mississauga, A BOY AND HIS DOG DVD is in the Mississauga Library system.

    My VHS copy has gotten much love…in fact I watched it about 2 months ago!

  • Jay since you seem to be so unselective with your DVDs, I recommend you check out From Hell. I bet you it’s better than The Devils Rejects.

  • I’ve seen From Hell.

  • bloggers are STILL carrying on with the WB story, continuing to pat themselves on the back for how they handled everything.

    yes… its so grand to shoot first and ask questions later. Thank you Internet Cowboys.

  • If you guys all liked “American Movie,” you might like a little doc entitled “Driver 23.” It is very similar except involves a guy who is trying to get a rock band off the ground. The main guy is almost EXACTLY like the dude in AM. It will make you laugh I think. I’d be surprised if any of you have even heard of it, but Jay might’ve. In fact, I’ll bring a copy to TAD with me (if I remember) and you can have it.

    Vs = Diesel wins. Pitch Black. End of story.

    Jay – you are SO RIGHT about the WB thing. Man I was pissed that day at just about every site out there when this story was released. I wish I would’ve blogged about it at the time. It was so obviously a load of bullshit and sites were just trying to act all noble and holier than thou to seem important and grab diggs. One site in particular seems to have that post and all dissenting comments magically disappear. Hmmm. Maybe because it was a knee-jerk, reactionary post based on rumour and heresay that was so outlandish it couldn’t possibly be true and no one bothered to research the claim beforehand? Between angular stools and this commentary, you’re slowly becoming my hero (next to Jack Burton).

  • Drewbacca:

    I haven’t heard of Driver 23, but it definitely sounds like a good watch. I’ll have to get that from you.

    Speaking of Jack Burton, did you notice his trademark tank top hanging on the wall in the bar in Death Proof? Classic!

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Diesel is a joke.

    The Rock all the way, baby.