Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd Trailer Starring Johnny Depp

I have to admit, Tim Burton’s upcoming big screen adaptation of the musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, wasn’t really on my radar throughout its various stages of production, but now that it’s only a couple of months away from release, I am definitely looking forward to it. (It’s just one of several interesting films that are scheduled to hit theatres in time for Christmas.) The movie stars Burton’s favourite muse Johnny Depp as Benjamin Barker, a man who is banished from London by a corrupt judge, only to return as Sweeney Todd, a vengeful barber bent on murdering all those responsible. Helena Bonham Carter also stars as Mrs. Lovett, the proprietor of a Meat Pie Shop who may or may not use some rather disturbing ingredients. And just to mix things up a bit, the film features appearances by Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall and Sacha Baron Cohen of all people.

As you will notice in the trailer, Stephen Sondheim’s music has indeed been preserved in the film version; indeed, it comes across as a bit odd to see Depp’s character suddenly break out into song for the first time. But hey, this is a Tim Burton film, and it is this strange mixture of darkness and fairy tale that he is best known for. Sweeney Todd hits theatres on December 21st; check out the trailer now via the link below and let us know what you think.

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  • Primal

    I am totally looking forward to Sweeney Todd now. Depp breaking out into song doesn’t bother me at all. Burton is great at doing the musicals parts of his movies. It’s actually one of his trademarks that I enjoy, like when The Joker makes his entrance in the museum in Batman or Pee-Wee dancing in the bar. I love it.

  • This looks absolutely amazing! I haven’t been excited about a Tim Burton movie since forever, but it looks like he’s back to the tongue-in-cheek horror that he did so awesome in Sleepy Hollow and Batman 1&2.

    I’m not sure I care about the singing much… Wasn’t alot of it in the trailer, so that worries me that it might be bad. I don’t think so though, this is a popular musical right? I’m sure a musical only gets made if it has good songs etc. I hated Chicago but it had catchy tunes, and this looks like it’s interesting beyond the music.

    Hopefully this will have the same amount of violence Hollow had. Getting Alan Rickman in there is totally icing on the cake too.

  • At the risk of sounding hypocritical, I’m pretty excited about this.

  • I….. am completely sold. I will have worries up to the release date that Burton will continue to unsatisfy me, but I am absolutely 100% seeing this the first change I can get. Rickman and Cohen? FUCK YES. A musical suits Depp’s hamminess well for me too. I sneer still at Bonham Carter (not a fan) but again, hopes are high.

  • I’ve got no real interest in the time period or the story, but Burton + Depp = chances are it will be worth seeing.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    It looks like a live action Corpse Bride.