Semi-Pro Teaser Starring Will Ferrell

I was beginning to wonder when we’d get our first glimpse of Will Ferrell’s next sports comedy Semi-Pro, which finds him as the owner, coach and star of a team in the American Basketball League. (Incidentally, I think the only sport he has left to tackle at this point is lawn bowling… and maybe water polo.) Yes, I can see why people think these movies are getting a bit repetitive, but I’m willing to give it a shot. After all, I thought Blades of Glory would be the point at which the joke had run out, but it ended up being a lot funnier than I expected. Plus Semi-Pro is written by Scot Armstrong, who worked on such films as Old School, Road Trip and Starsky & Hutch. I just hope they’re not relying on Ferrell’s massive 70’s fro to be the main punchline in the film. Anyway, this short teaser has turned up on Ferrell and Adam McKay’s viral video site Funny or Die, and although it doesn’t show much of the actual movie, it some ways it reveals more than any of us could have ever imagined. Let’s get sweaty… basketball sweaty!

  • I don’t know man… None of these new Will Ferrell movies have had him looking as funny as he looked in Anchorman. I knew just from the poster of that movie I wanted to watch it, but I haven’t seen any of his other ones (Talladega, Blades, anything else?) because he doesn’t look as funny. Without the funny look the joke just seems lame.

    I mean how is this movie going to top him having a dog named “Baxter”? Will Ferrel saying “Baxter” in Anchorman is funnier than 98% of comedies ever produced!

  • not a bad teaser, but nothing worth sweating. HAR.

  • Julien

    although I consider Ferrell’s last comedies to be subpar to his usual performances, I’m always drawn towards his movies. Blades of Glory was way funnier than I had expected so instead of passing by his next movie, I might just not watch Dane Cook’s attempts at comedies instead.

  • Another Will Ferrell sports comedy? No thank you.