Brian De Palma’s Redacted Trailer

Brian De Palma’s Redacted is already causing quite a stir among festival audiences and many people who haven’t even seen the movie yet… and understandably so. The movie portrays a true event from the Iraq war in which some U.S. soldiers raped and murdered and Iraqi girl and her family. Some people have a problem with this horrific crime being singled out, while others are simply shocked that such a thing actually happened. Either way, I’m very curious about it, and the first trailer for Redacted has now gone online.

I’m a bit unsure whether or not I like the approach they used. It shows almost no images from the film, instead using audio clips against a plain black background that is flashing through the various festival awards and positive reviews it has received. It seems a bit too self-congratulatory, but then again, I guess the whole film takes itself pretty seriously and it kind of has to. I can’t say the trailer didn’t do its job by intriguing me and leaving me wondering just how intense an experience it will be. I was just hoping for a general sense of what the movie is going to look like, since it was shot in high-definition video rather than film (probably to give it a documentary feel). Redacted is out on November 16th, and if I remember correctly it’s supposed to be another Mark Cuban day-and-date release that includes theatres, HD Net TV and DVD all at once. Check out the trailer over at Moviefone now.

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  • Is it just me, or is that a really fucking powerful trailer? I’m genuinely excited to see this movie now, just from hearing that dialogue.

  • Primal

    I am usually excited to see a De Palma movie. Although he hasn’t done anything awesome since Carlito’s Way, I actually want to see this.

    What surprises me more is one of Hollywood’s old-school directors is doing a movie in HD. I am not sure how big of a deal it is for directors to switch to high-def video, but I get nervous when they do. Yes, some directors like Robert Rodriguez have made a sucessful transition into HD, but I dont think every movie can work in HD. The look of it in some movies makes me hope that I don’t see the future of film-making go completely into this direction. Again, I have nothing against doing movies in High-defintion, but should we worry about seeing more movies on HD than on film?