Download Film Junk Podcast for Sept. 30, 2007

It’s time for another jam-packed 2 hour episode of the Film Junk Podcast… you do realize that we’ll just keep talking until you tell us to shut up, right? This week we offer up reviews of The Kingdom and Resident Evil: Extinction and then we literally countdown to extinction with our Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic Movies. In Versus it’s Jamie Foxx vs Will Smith, and in Trailer Trash we look at an abortion documentary and a movie that was shot in single 90 minute take. If that’s not enough, we also get to plenty of your junk mail, and a special exclusive look at Jay’s first rectal exam… I think it goes without saying that we dig pretty deep on this week’s edition of Film Junk.

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  • Ian

    Cool. You guys have plenty of great features so 2 hours of content isn’t a problem but it might make it easier to break it into 2 or 3 mp3 files for the download. Working into secions like: News/reviews, Versus/defense force, Trailer trash/what you watched/what’s coming out.

  • My Junk Mail is in it – yeah! :D

  • @Grammaton
    MB for President? wtf?! ;)

  • Dennis M

    Good show…I like that I actually get emails read…as far as Michael Bay for prez, I don’t think America is ready for a president with hair like that.

  • Dennis M

    Wait…I just listened again and you said the Tom Hanks movie “lions for lambs”. Please…don’t confuse Forrest Gump with Maverick. It’s actually Tom Cruise…who’s much crazier than Tom Hanks.

  • Andreas

    Once again I got something to look forward to coming home late from work. Really enjoy the show.

  • @DennisM

    His hair is something we can work on… ;)

  • Dennis M

    @grammaton cleric

    I think it would be like samson. If you cut off his hair, he’ll start doing chick flicks.

  • Charlie

    Picture me, laughing my ASS OFF on the bus to work, with everybody turning around to look at the crazy person.

    2 hours works for me. Don’t change a thing.

  • Making people look crazy on the bus is what makes it all worth while.

  • How many people commenting they looked crazy on the bus would it take to get you back to the same doctor going “This time I’m 100% certain!” Maybe bringing a printed internet-page?

  • TheSnowLeopard more stories about Jay’s butt!

  • Well, I’m a loyal listener anyway. But if I wasn’t I would be now after that first 15 minutes of shit tales. Jay, you crack me up man. Thanks for making my drive home from a failed date actually enjoyable.


  • That’s what me and my colon are here for.

  • Sean – Yes. ID4 rocks. One of my more memorable theater experiences. I heart that movie. Will Smith wins the vs. in my eyes.

    Jay – If you were serious about Japanime being shit, I’m right there with you man. Don’t know if I’d go so far as calling it shit, but I definitely dislike it quite a bit.

  • Maybe shit is a strong word, but I’m definitely not a fan.