Pathology Trailer Starring Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia is a rising star in Hollywood right now (along with many of his fellow cast members from Heroes), and after an impressive performance in last year’s Rocky Balboa, now he has set his sights on a slightly darker project. Pathology finds a group of interns at a prestigious medical program getting caught up in a disturbing little competition among themselves to see who can pull off the perfect, undetectable murder. Because, you know, that’s exactly the kind of thing that bright young medical students do, right? The flick is written by the guys who did Crank, so I guess it makes sense that it would be at least a little bit silly. Unfortunately, the trailer reminds me of Mr. Brooks or The Number 23, in that it’s trying so hard to be cool and evil that I just can’t buy into it at all. Michael Weston in particular seemed wayyy over the top (not unlike Dane Cook in Mr. Brooks). That said, I do like Milo Ventimiglia and hey, Alyssa Milano’s in it too! That’s gotta be a good thing, right? Pathology hits theatres on November 30th, peep the trailer below.

[gv data=”VqsvtUfmSkc”][/gv]

  • Primal

    I don’t buy it either Sean. Looks boring. At least give us some top-notch bits of acting, some sort of score, or create suspense without a narrator before you go into the rapid editing and a sound effect of going into hyperspace at the end.

  • Looks like crap. Also reminds a bit of Flatliners with Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, Oliver Platt, Stephen Baldwin, and Keifer Sutherland.

  • Agree completely. Doesn’t look at all creepy. Actually, I’ve already forgotten what it looks like. And Rian’s right, reminds me a fair bit of “Flatliners”.