Download Film Junk Podcast for Sept. 17, 2007

This week on a rather nasally edition of the Film Junk Podcast, Jay and I are joined by special mystery guest “Annie” as we finally get around to reviewing Danny Boyle’s Sunshine. We also compare two famous sibling directors Ridley Scott and Tony Scott in Versus, count down our Top 5 Tough Chicks and Sean takes his turn defending Spider-Man 3 in Film Junk Defense Force. We also talk about some trailers including the new Iron Man preview, and delve into the junk mailbag. It’s pretty much the best two hours of free entertainment you can find anywhere this side of the solar system. Go on and download the latest episode below.

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  • Primal

    Only could stand to listen live the first 30min of the show. Talkshoe is crapping out on you guys again. A great versus this week. I’d pick Ridley Scott based on important films, but Tony’s films are much more enjoyable. True Romance, Crimson Tide, and Man of Fire are awesome. I totally agree with you Jay on The Walken-Hopper scene. Everyone check out Tarantino’s True Romance commentary, it’s damn entertaining.

    I’ll come to the defense with Annie aka The man with no name aka Darth Nameless and say that yes you can theoretically watch all the classics. Remember the scene in Dumb and Dumber where Jim Carrey asks Lauren Holly if there is a chance she would ever go out with him? She responds with yes, 1 in a million. Carrey pumps his fists in the air after hearing that. I think thats where Annie is coming from.

    I also liked the FJDF discussion for Spider-Man 3. I am sure Henrik will enjoy it. I, too, liked it. Hopefully you’ll change all those haters’ minds out there.

  • I forgot to thank Rian for suggesting this particular Versus topic a couple weeks ago.

  • Goon

    Sean, your voice sounds a little different to me in this show.

  • I think I just hit puberty. Actually I have a cold.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    This episode could be called “The One Where Everyone’s Voice Changed”.

    Sean sounded older, Darth like a girl (I think).Even Jay. Was that you trying to talk with a mouthful of food on a couple of occasions during the show?

    Any chance you can make Darth a regular (with his own voice). I think you’re all funnier when you add him to the mix.

  • That’s gonna go right to his head.

    Yes, I may have been eating a donut on one occasion. It was a long night, that night.

  • Greg

    ‘Any chance you can make Darth a regular (with his own voice). I think you’re all funnier when you add him to the mix.’

    Damn. Did I just get voted out?

  • Goon

    no offense Darth, but in that context I vote Team Greg.

  • Nobody can replace Greg. I’m just disappointed he wasn’t around for the Star Trek V Defense.

    Greg’s reaction to Nameless in the video podcast when he asked if he could change his vote tells me that they would work beautifully together.

  • Darth Nameless

    I just got back from outer space (we don’t get the Internet out there), and I just read TheSnowLeopard’s comments. Wow, now I’ve got 2 fans (assuming I haven’t lost Henrik).

    I think my helmet just cracked. (Because my head got bigger. Yeah, I know it’s not funny if I need to explain my jokes, especially when they’re not funny.)

    Jay doesn’t think I have a sense of humour. (He never laughs at any of my jokes, but I’m always laughing at his.)

    Maybe we should have a Darth vs. Greg segment on the next podcast. (Don’t worry, Greg; I know you would win. No offense taken, Goon.) Maybe we could boost our ratings by having a series regular get booted off the air! And in a surprise twist, we’d boot Jay off the air! That would be funny! (Oh, but now I’ve ruined the surprise.)

    I’m going to be changing my alias to King of Parentheses.

  • Annie

    Hey, how come Darth’s taking credit for my appearance on the Film Junk podcast?

    Don’t know if anyone reading this far down in the comments cares about hearing someone else’s opinion about Sunshine, but I just read an excellent review of the movie. I don’t agree with the assessment, but I can’t argue with this reviewer’s prose.

    The reviewer is Barrett Hooper from Now: “Sunshine is a claustrophobic sci-fi thriller propelled by a gloriously improbable yet supremely blockbuster-worthy premise: eight astronauts strap themselves to a nuclear bomb and fly it into our dying sun like some sort of cosmic defibrillator. Sunshine blasts you with the kind of retina-searing visuals that’ll have you seeing spots. It gets a little lost in space in its struggle to deliver a conclusion that eclipses the bold set-up, but in the fashion of a true space opera, it’s perplexing and grandly poetic.”

    I wish I could have been this intelligent and informative during the podcast.

  • Annie my man, if you wanted an intelligent and informative review, why not just read the official FilmJunk review?

  • Annie

    Henrik, I just read your review that you wrote back in April. That’s an excellent review! Seems like you agree with Barrett Hooper.

    We should have just read your review on the podcast. Funny how your opinions and comments meshed with those of Jay, Sean, and myself. In fact, I’m beginning to think Henrik is an alias for Jay! Come to think of it, I’ve never heard you and Jay speaking at the same time.

    Anyway, I highly recommend the official Film Junk Sunshine review written by Henrik. (Maybe we’ll be having a Film Junk Defense Force for Sunshine next year.)

  • An alias for Jay? I would never put a Steven Spielberg movie in my top 100. Actually I would never make a top 100 list, not because I think I’m too cool for school as I previously stated, but because I have since then thought and realized I have yet to see 100 good movies.