Download Film Junk Podcast for Aug. 27th, 2007

This week on the Film Junk podcast, it’s a jam-packed show as we review War and The Invasion, count down our Top 5 most overrated actors, and choose a winner between Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in Versus. We also take a stab at the first ever Film Junk Defense Force segment, with Jay going to bat for M. Night Shyamalan and Lady in the Water. We also take some time to discuss a number of recent headlines, including the Owen Wilson suicide attempt, the possibility of a Justice League movie being animated, and Michael Bay’s Blu-rage. Take a deep breath, exhale, and then download yourself a copy of this week’s episode below. (Warning: Do not take internally.)

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  • Goon

    one thing about Lady in the Water that not many people bring up is despite this repuation as ‘the worst movie ever’, on the IMDB it has a 6. the vote breakdown isn’t even split – there are votes all over the board for it, clearly showing its just one of those movies that a lot of people get different things out of.

  • Greg

    I’d like to apologize for my tardiness to the show. For those that were kept waiting on Talkshoe…my bad. My hockey team needed it’s all-star defenceman. I could not let them down. Sure we lost 8-1….but that’s not really important.

  • I think you should also apologize for your retardiness

  • Is it me or does the whole show sound like you guys were down a well? Anyone else having audio issues?

  • Hey Bryan, we moved the recording “studio” to a new location and it’s in the corner of a room. I noticed it’s a bit echoey so I’ll have to see if there’s something I can do about that.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    I hope you guys heed your own advice and do no more news stories speculating about whether such-and-such a director is a good choice for an upcoming movie. There are other blogs and podcasts that do this and it’s f**king tedious and pointless. It’s not as though you can change anything. Just accept the decision and hope they do their best work.

    There are so many movies already released to talk about and that is more interesting.

  • About the whole spoiler thing… That completely got pointed out to me in a pretty drastic way when I saw Death Proof, because I saw that movie with my dad, and he doesn’t follow movie sites, and generally doesn’t care, so when we came out of the theatre he went on and on about how stunned he was when the nice man at the bar who seemed to be the voice of reason in this hellish environment, started brutally slaughtering people with his car. Imagine that, not knowing Kurt Russell is a killer when you watch the movie? I was pretty blown away by that idea. But alas, the second you watch an advertisement for the movie, that whole part of it gets completely lost.

    Kevin Spacey I thought was awesome in Se7en and other things as well, but after seeing him on talkshows and seeing what he does in shit like Superman, I can’t take him seriously in those roles anymore. It’s such a shame. I don’t think Paul Giamatti is overrated at all. From Planet of the Apes and The Negotiator to Sideways and LITW I think he consistently does great work. I think Jack Nicholson is still worth going to see. He is amazingly entertaining, says ‘Fuck’ like noone else, and his performance in The Departed was the only thing that kept me interested, although possibly for the wrong reasons. If you try to take the movie seriously, his performance obviously doesn’t work, but then again, neither does the movie.
    For Johnny Depp his performance in Sleepy Hollow is enough for me to never call him overrated. Even though I hated him in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Robert De Niro is obviously overrated, I’m surprised none of you picked him. Ian McKellen, Michael Caine also come to mind, but the big one for me recently has to be Christian Bale. All he’s doing is grimacing. I find him completely uncharming and he lacks the emotional availability to get me interested in him on screen. I just find him boring in the 3 movies I’ve seen him in (American Psycho, The Machinist and Batman Begins).

    Somebody who is an underrated actor though (let’s just throw this out there): Sean C. Dwyer!

    I’ll take Kidman over Cruise… TC is good-looking but Nicole Kidman is gorgeus.

    It’s not just that people want the horror from M Night, it’s that the trailers as well are totally fucked. All of his movies are marketed as “Signs 2″ now. If I have to see one more fucking shaking doorknob in a Shyamalan trailer I’m gonna kill a dog. He hasn’t made a horror movie since 6th sense, which for the record I completely dislike, but everybody somehow seem to think of him as a horror-suspense director. Because of the marketing. His movies have excellent characters – Elijah, Lucius, Merrill being the highlights – and he always does things very unsensationally, which seem to not sit well with the masses. And what he gets out of Joaquin Phoenix, Mel Gibson, Samuel L. Jackson and Bryce Dallas Howard is a testament to his understanding of the material and the art. And his scores are pretty off-the-hook compared to most modern day film scores. Since 6th sense at least, which is the period that I am aware of.

    HMV only carries good stuff like Dane Cooks rejected TV Pilots eh? :P

  • Guys, I am absolutely LOVING the longer shows. I understand if they don’t all continue to be as long as the last two, but please continue to let the content and conversation dictate the running time as much as possible. Being an artist, nothing makes two hours of sitting at the art desk go by smoother than being able to lose my brain in your conversation while the rest of my body is lost in filling an empty page. The extended debates/discussions about Lady In The Water, the Corey’s, etc. are so much better when you let them reach their conclusions naturally rather than stopping them in the heat of the moment to save time. Kudos on the last two shows.

    Also, I really liked the Film Junk Defense Force (FJDF). I can’t wait to hear one with Greg on the defensive against Jay. I can already hear the fireworks. The re-review was good as well, but not as entertaining as the FJDF. I’m glad to see some new segments being added into the mix.

  • Goon

    Jay, I think I’m really with you about what you said about the Excorcist situation and how it might apply to the Invasion, that maybe its unfair to blame the Wachowskis.

    I loved Downfall, placed it high in my top 100, and very much looked forward to Das Experiment. Rented it this week, and despite its great reputation, I ended up hating it more than about 99% of all bad movies I’ve ever seen.

    My flixster review of it:
    “I’m genuinely shocked that I hated this movie so much, perhaps in my top 10 most hated movies. I loved Hirschbiegal’s “Downfall” and yet this is a complete clumsy mess in storytelling, with the escalation of violence being so unbelievably portrayed that it just becomes frustrating, boring, over the top bullshit. The lead character “77” is hatable, the side plot with Dora is useless, and certain parts (rape, shot to the head, etc) just made me roll my eyes at the absolute desperation that this film had to sink to to try to be shocking and make a statement about power. I’m aware the real Standford Prison Experiment was messed up like crazy, but this was a movie and it completely failed to properly show how this could actually happen.”

  • Goon

    Also, I completely agree with Rian about the last two shows being some of the best ones ever (although in retrospect, Id have waited for greg on the last show – I’m really realizing lately how much he brings to the show. He’s really stepped up over time to a ‘vital’ level).

    I hope the show will continue to ‘go until its done’ – in other words, dont cut out Trailer Trash or Top 5 or anything initially planned because something else ran long.