NBC to Resurrect American Gladiators

After all these years, my prayers have finally been answered! It looks like American Gladiators is coming back to TV, courtesy of NBC, who will be updating the show for the 21st century. The original series aired between 1989 and 1996; there was also an International Gladiators spin-off that ran for a bit after that, but essentially it’s been over 10 years since the show vanished off the face of the earth. In some ways it was such a ridiculous concept to pit contestants against these muscle-bound models in the strangest physical events, but it’s hard to deny the appeal that the show had. With the success of today’s competition-based reality shows like Survivor and Fear Factor, a new version of American Gladiators is a no brainer. They’ve confirmed that they will indeed be putting more of a reality TV spin on it as well, with more behind the scenes stuff involving the cast of 8 gladiators (4 men and 4 women), and the competitors, who will be given a chance to train for their match beforehand. All I’m saying is they better not change up that theme song, it is the key to the epic feel for this classic show! The new American Gladiators will be a midseason replacement for NBC.


  • Friggin awesome. I hope you’re right about the theme song. I don’t know how I feel about the whole reality feel they might go for, but I am on board for this for sure.

  • I hope this is for real. I loved that show, much more that the WWF at the time (sorry Greg) and would love to see it back!

  • Goon

    This news made me happier than anything I’ve seen in weeks. Yes, the theme was too classic to lose.

    I dont give a shit about behind the scenes crap. that shit can fuck off, just give me 2 more minutes of Atlasphere.

  • Ian

    One question: is Larry Zonka still alive?

  • Larry Csonka, former superbowl MVP?

    This show was pretty cool I remember when they had it here. I don’t see the connection with WWF though.

  • I don’t think there ever was one but in my 12 year old girlie brain, I lumped them all into “un-naturally huge people” category and to this day, I can’t break that thought.

  • Goon

    if i were to lump them together at all, it would be because Saturday at noon back then wrestling would come on, then Gladiators would be on right after.

    Now I’m getting flashbacks of the Family Matters episode where Urkel took on Carl in the Gladiator arena.

  • Goon


    watch video 2 for a classic Mailbu moment.