Friday Night Lights Season 1 DVD Comes With Money Back Guarantee

I still haven’t seen the movie Friday Night Lights, much less the TV series based on the movie, but with Season 1 of the show due to hit DVD next week, NBC and Universal are apparently really, really confident that people will like it. So confident, in fact, that they’re offering a money back guarantee for the purchase of said DVD set. I guess that’s kind of impressive, right? With so many other shows on TV right now, they obviously need some way to grab our attention. To be honest, I’d probably be more interested if they actually paid me to buy the DVD set, but well, that might give the wrong impression. A money back guarantee is still something no one else has had the guts to do with a DVD release, as far as I know. The question is, will people take advantage of it? Technically you could just buy the DVD set, watch it, and return it, right? How can they prove that you didn’t like it? Maybe you have to take a lie detector test. In all seriousness, I have heard very good things about the show, so maybe it’s worth checking out. If you listened to our Fall TV Preview, you already know that there probably aren’t many new shows this season that are worth your time! (Side note: In order to qualify for the money back guarantee, you have to buy Friday Night Lights: Season 1 before the end of the year.)

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