Justice League Movie May Be Strictly CG Affair

Rumours continue to swirl about the upcoming Justice League feature film that was announced a while back. The project has had a rather strange director attached in George Miller; although he directed Mad Max, in recent years he’s moved on to more family friendly affairs like Babe and Happy Feet. Also, there have been a lot of questions about doing a Justice League film that involves the Superman and Batman characters, both of which already have their own active and established film franchises. Recently the news came out that both Christian Bale and Brandon Routh would not be involved, and that casting for the flick would be underway shortly. Now comes an even bigger scoop that completely changes everything: according to IESB, the Justice League movie will not be a live action one. Instead, it will be CG with motion capture technology, not unlike Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming Beowulf.

Whoa! Hold on a minute there. How is it possible that this small detail has escaped public knowledge for so long? Did they just make this decision recently? George Miller’s involvement does make a lot more sense if this is true. Still, I have a hard time envisioning a CG version of the film being the same scale blockbuster that a live action movie would be. Is this really something that Warner Bros would consider? There are already plenty of direct to DVD animated superhero movies coming out (including a Justice League one), so what would convince the general public that this is a cut above the others? Logistically, CG makes a bit more sense, and normally I’d be very supportive of an animated film that is reasonably mature and serious. Heck, I even liked the new TMNT flick a lot. In this case though, I just can’t see it working. I say go live action or don’t even bother. What do you think?

  • Nuno

    Taking the animated route for an anticipated JLA movie is a bit underwhelming. The Justice League animated series just ended so making a self contained animated movie that isn’t based on the animated series doesn’t make a lick of sense. True, making the movie live action would have to be a huge endeavor, but if they want a JL feature film, that’s what they’ll have to deliver.

  • I don’t think they should be making this film at all. CG or live action. Live action would be so very difficult to make correctly and would interfere with the Dark Knight and (hopefully) continuing Batman . A CG version wouldn’t be worth making at all. They should take all of this energy and put it towards making a decent Superman movie.

  • Ian

    More crappy Superhero stuff hmmmm. I loved the Timm animation and I would hope that they could eventually explore more stories in that continuity which was built over 14 years.

  • Daniel

    This sucks donkey dick.

    The Justice League in itself is epic, so i expect nothing less then an epic film. CGi is cool but not for this franchise. i really hope they don’t do it cg. Perhaps this leaked info is to gauge a reaction from fans of the series. so far it’s been overwhelmingly negative, so maybe the execs will cotton on.

  • CeJay

    First of all, I would have to agree with the recent posts that going CG is stupid as hell. Look, at this time in this buisness, when we already have Spider-Man, X-men, Batman and Superman, also Catwoman, giving us the live action and trill that we look for in a movie, why should The Justice League movie, a movie about some of the most heroic and historic superheroes be fucked with like this. Now, if they decide to do so, one of the characters, preferbaly WonderWoman or Flash, needs to be the one telling the story, so that people can see how the league came together. Such as like they did with X-Men#1. Though we all know of the big time characters of X-men, they only introduced and used about 5 to six of them to tell the story and as the sequels came out, we seen more X-men joining in. This is how it should be approached. I think it is a good idea to do this movie, but only after the Dark Knight is out of theatres. Batman and Superman don’t have to be involved in this movie. We’ve seen already on episodes of Smallville how certain members of the Justice League have come together. This is a good starting point.

  • This movie would have to back story every hero & would take 1/2 of 120 minute movie just get through that. Once it did that, then how do introduce the legion of doom? It would (i’m not complaining) have to be a 3 hour movie just to get back stories done for both sides & then a 2nd. movie would have to start any kind of plot. This is all to much for me to handle & nobody could tell you how this would effect marvel & how they would respond to this kind of movie franchize. This al to much for me to handle but I would love every minute of it & can’t wait for it to happen. If d.c. dosn’t start soon, marvel should & will jump them. Being a marvel guy i really want d.c. to start thease live action movies so marvel can see what good about them & don’t do the things that are wrong.

  • Who’s going to get the movie rights to the “Star Wars” franchize. There are 3 more books & they need to be on the big screen. Something’s telling me that Lucus wants to do them but dose not want to have anybody to get the glory of making a better movie than he can. His better film making are behind him & he afraid that somebody will make a better movie than him. Let face it empirer was the best & he didn’t direct that. Please Mr. Lucus give it up we need more & you don’t want to make anymore. I don’t want to have to wait another 25 yaers when you past away. 2 words “James Bond”.

  • Tomas

    Greg Sherman…..I was thinking the same thing last week about the final Star Wars. Yes, I agree that Lucas is itching to do it, but would need somebody at the helm to help out. I vote for PETER JACKSON.