Behold The Ill-fated Batman: The Musical

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of silly stage musicals based on unlikely feature films; everything from Star Wars to The Evil Dead to David Cronenberg’s The Fly. But did you know that for almost a decade now, Warner Bros. Theater Ventures have been trying to bring a musical based on Tim Burton’s Batman to Broadway? No joke! The project was first announced back in 1998, with playwright David Ives set to write, and Jim Steinman hired to compose the music (ironically, he is the same guy behind Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell album). Tim Burton was even in talks to direct at one point. Alas, Batman: The Musical never materialized, but you can still check out the remnants of what might have been over at Dark Knight of the Soul – The Unofficial Memorial to Batman: The Musical. The website collects articles about the project that appeared in the press, and it even has lyrics and demo MP3s of some of the songs!!! Just check out this sample from “The Joker’s Song (Wonderful Toys)”:

Where does Chicago get all that meat?
How does Venezuela get all their heat?
And where does Adidas find all their feet?
You’d like to know the answers now wouldn’t you boys?
Well, tell me, where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Maybe if enough fans speak up we can get Heath Ledger to do a rendition of this tune in The Dark Knight?

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  • I’m pretty sure this musical is what killed Ledger.