Film Junk Video Review #4 – The Mysterians

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  • Goon



    after watching 4 of these now, I think you could make a TV show pilot out of this sort of thing – 4 movies per episode. it would be cheap to make, look professional, and people would watch it.

    consider it. please?

  • Thanks Goon. Comments like that make the work worth the effort. Maybe at some point i’ll try putting together something a bit longer.

    If me and Sean were lucky enough to make enough money to run Film Junk full time, i’d guarantee at least two or three of these a week. Unfortunately, with work, it’s tough enough to get one done a month. But i’m trying my best to keep up with them as long as people are enjoying them.

  • These are just fun to watch. It’s better than a text review because you can hear the sincerity in your voice and see clips of the movie. Keep ‘em coming, Jay.

  • Goon

    i just think people can watch these even if they have no interest in actually ever seeing the movies. its just neat and educational. they’re as much reviews as it is a film history lesson. I mean, I could totally see these on TVO.

  • Primal

    Another great review Jay! I’ve enjoyed all your video reviews especially the Equinox review, even though I have yet to check it out.

    I did, however, see Danger: Diabolik and I thought it was awesome. I thought Mario Bava was only known for his horror films, but it was cool to see him make a film outside that genre and do it well.

    The Mysterians seems like a movie I could watch with my buddies during a night of drinking. Looks like a lot of fun.

  • “its just neat and educational. they’re as much reviews as it is a film history lesson.”

    I’m glad you see it that way. One thing these aren’t is an in depth, critical film analysis. It’s more of an introduction to some interesting movies with a little bit of trivia/history thrown in for good measure. I’m also trying to choose films that are visually interesting, which has made for the 1950’s-1960’s genre selections thus far.

  • Thanks Primal, glad to hear you liked Danger:Diabolik. I’ve got another Bava film planned for review in the near future, so stay tuned!

  • How do you get the clips from the movie onto your editing system? I know there is a program called Cinematize that digitizes DVD video, but if it’s off of a licensed DVD, you cannot digitize it. My work around for this takes a long time. I have a Mac, so I use a program called Mac the Ripper, and rip the DVD (which basically gets the VIDEO_TS files onto your computers hard drive, and it takes a little while). Then, I drag that VIDEO_TS file into Cinematize (it tricks Cinematize to think that it’s reading from the DVD, not your hard drive) and digitize the DVD. What method do you use? Great work though, love to see more reviews!


  • Hey Bryan,

    I use a program called SnapzPro X:

    You just drag a box around an area of your screen, and it records whatever is inside the box. A great program, although not perfect. Sometimes there’s some weird ghosting effects on some of the videos.

  • Another fun segment. Though I like the face stuff better when there’s an interesting background with movieposters etc… Why not have that in all of the segments?

    You should check out Reptilicus, both versions if you can… It’s pretty ridiculous. Also check out a movie called ‘Deadly Weapons’ for a real groundbreaking work of fiction.

    Some of your comments in this have me worried that you may be a sex pervert, specifically a macrophile. I watched a fucking amazing and hilarious documentary about these people on TV awhile ago.

  • G

    Mysterians…exceptional sfx for its era; probably I. Honda’s greatest work.

    BTW, Jay…would you like me to send you a comb?