Justice League: New Frontier Animated Movie Preview

After Marvel started rolling out their successful direct to DVD animated features starting with Ultimate Avengers: The Movie, DC decided to respond with a new slate of animated films themselves. The first of these, Superman: Doomsday, hits stores on September 18th. But perhaps the most intriguing project they have in the works is the upcoming Justice League: New Frontier, based on Darwyn Cooke’s award-winning mini-series DC: The New Frontier. The story is set during the 50’s, bridging the gap between the Golden Age and Silver Age of DC comics. I’ve always thought we need more comic book movies set during this era, so I’m definitely on board. The voice cast includes a lot of big names such as Kyle MacLachlan as Superman, Jeremy Sisto as Batman, Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman, and Neil Patrick Harris as The Flash. On YouTube, you can now watch a preview that was shown at this year’s Comic Con. Although it’s mostly interviews and there isn’t a ton of footage, it should be enough to get you excited! Justice League: The New Frontier will be released on January 28, 2008.

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  • Very excited to see this, looks practically perfect.

  • Ever since the atrocity that was the Ultimate Avengers movie, I’ve been steering clear of the direct-to-DVD Marvel and DC animated films. This one looks like it has some promise, but I still have a gut feeling that it will be altered far too much from the original story. Some people will say that it doesn’t have to stick to the original, but if they’re advertising it as New Frontier the movie, then I want to see the story from the comic that I liked. Otherwise, what’s the point of calling it New Frontier? And yes, this is all speculation, but I’ll be happy to be proven wrong when the movie comes out.

  • Ian

    With Timm doing it I’m pretty sure it’ll certainly have the same spirit as the comic.

  • Kyle Maclachlan, Lucy Lawless and Neil Patrick Harris is a pretty bitchin’ setup for a direct-to-dvd animated comic book. I’m sort of interested I guess, but is Green Arrow not in this movie (YouTube clips doesn’t work on this comp)? That’s a damn shame if he isn’t.

    In this era isn’t it still the Barry Allen-flash and the Hal Jordan-GL (is he in it?)? With only Batman as a no-nonsense presence to sort of ground these highflying idealists, I can see this being somewhat of a bore.