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This week on the Film Junk Podcast, saddle up for a trio of major movie reviews including The Bourne Ultimatum, Hot Rod, and Underdog, plus a discussion about our top 5 movie trailers of all-time and a pretty boy cat fight between Matt Damon and his pal Ben Affleck in Versus. We also get to a whole bunch of your Junk Mail and just generally kick it old school, so don’t miss out on this week’s episode of Film Junk!

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  • only listen to the Hot Rod part (will listen to more later)

    Isla Fisher is not in Junebug. You’re thinking of Amy Adams, who was a bit player in the Office in some episodes and in Drop Dead Gorgeous and Talladega Nights

    Hot Rod was written for Will Ferrell, and Ferrell turned it down. Samberg was given it with a promise that if it was ‘okay’ that he’d be given more free reign to do what he likes in the future with “better material” – yes Samberg is backhandedly slamming the movie himself. the most they let them do were a couple tangential type videos within the movie, but thats it.

    not defending the film at all. i probably wont see it in theatres b/c of reviews and b/c the creators themselves arent standing behind it.

    but I stand behind Andy Samberg. You guys dont watch SNL, I do, and I think this guy is already funny, and has tonnes of future potential and the Lonely Island writers are very talented and have made the show better than its been in years (mind you, the show still has the same shitty moments it always has). perhaps you dont like the ‘college humor’ as you put it, but well, I like seeing what I actually would refer to as “internet humor” invading other parts of culture. not saying thats ALL i want in humor at all, but its one segment of humor I enjoy.

  • (so in other words, even if i end up liking Hot Rod, for the vast majority it is no reflection on their actual tastes/writing. the lonely island guys had no hand it writing it outside the tangential videos – it was actually written by Pam Brady, South Parks former head writer next to Matt and Trey)

  • Greg

    I’ve watched SNL every week since the Joe Piscopo years and Andy Samberg is by far the weakest of the current cast. Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis are miles ahead of him when it comes to talent. Fred Armisen and Will Forte have better timing and range. Kenan Thompson is the funniest week after week and the 3 girls are better than all of them. Samberg is best known for three digital shorts on SNL and he wasn’t the best performer in any of them. Parnell owned him while busting rhymes and parnell used to do it live on the show, Hader was brilliantly funny in Laser Cats and Timberlake is well…he’s Timberlake. I like the stupid humour stuff. I love Jackass and Anchorman…hell Three Amigos is in my top 100, but Hot Rod just wasn’t funny and Samberg was pretty weak.

  • Primal

    Great show as always guys. I also like Zooey Deschanel. I thought she was really charming in Bridge to Teribithia which came out earlier this year.

    Other than watching Bourne Ultimatum, which was a lot of fun, I also watched Sunshine this weekend. I’ve got to say that Sunshine was fuckin awesome. It will definitely be on my top 10 best films of the year. If you guys can, go check it out!

  • Pam Brady also wrote Team America, which I really liked. I think the marionette gimmick had a lot to do with that though.

  • well, i didnt care for Team America much either, and dont find the old South Park rewtchable anymore, funny enough.

    Greg, my SNL cast review
    * Fred Armisen – good, was on Odenkirk’s “next” pilot – but when he has bad material he doesnt bring it up, especially that “noonee” recurring character
    * Will Forte – my favorite, because he has the funniest voice in the world. you might know it from “clone high” as Abe Lincoln. He also has the highest batting average for sketches for me. he’s rarely in anything bad.
    * Bill Hader – very talented and young with a future ahead of him. he can pull up bad material better than Armisen can by many subtle things with his voice and expressions.
    * Darrell Hammond – he’s great, but he’s never been given a chance to show the full range of what he can do. he’s just the impressions guy, and thats sad.
    * Seth Meyers – terrible sketch performer, mediocre writer, but he’s an okay anchor for Update.
    * Amy Poehler – hit and miss funny, she’s the most experienced performer, and has true talent, but BECAUSE she’s so enthusiastic in every sketch, when theres a bad one, she sticks out and seems more annoying.
    * Maya Rudolph – my least favorite SNL performer EVER. annoying, insists on singing which she’s not good at, mugs for the camera, does bad accents thinking they’re funny, and beyond SNL she’s a CURSE. Idiocracy, having an entire major plot cut from Anchorman because she was so bad, etc. She’s just awful awful awful.
    * Andy Samberg – listen, i know he’s NOT a natural live performer. video is what he excels at, he writes with the Lonely Island guys and I still have NEVER seen a Digital Short I didnt like. because he IS more rough though, i often find when he does sketches, more funny. the hardest i laughed in the last 2 seasons wasnt his famous skits, it was a 10 second Swedish Chef impression.
    * Jason Sudeikis – Will Ferrell without the bombast. He has that ‘guys guy’ thing going for him while still being weird. I hope he sticks around a long while. He actually feels like a Daily Show cast member, he’s quite Ed Helms-ish at times.
    * Kenan Thompson – Kenan is a poorer natural sketch performer than Samberg, easily. He’s the MOST hit and miss, but when he hits I always laugh out loud. He has a naturally funny voice, but along with that “noonee” sketch, “deep house dish” is the worst recurring sketch they have.
    * Kristen Wiig – probably the actual BEST performer on the show. you might remember her as “dr Pat” on the original Joe Schmo Show. She can do impressions, make terrible character ideas work (Penelope), is excellent in regular ‘story’ sketches.

    the biggest and smallest problems with a show as a whole is that whenever they take risks these days, they succeed more often than they fail. when they rely on the old formula, they are much more likely to fail – and when i say old formula, i specificlaly mean “talk show sketch” – i HATE talk show sketches.

  • Although I’m not a regular viewer of SNL, I have watched it here and there, and I 100% stand by my opinion that Andy Samberg is not funny. I also didn’t find the digital shorts funny. Dick in a box was alright, but not because of him. He’s shit.

  • well, i’ve learned over time most of the time my opinion of humor doesnt frequently line up with yours. i like many styles of comedy, and that includes his.

  • I watched Hot Rod over the weekend and loved it, so I thought I’d check your thoughts on the podcast. Hearing you guys talk about it must be how you feel hearing people rip into Anchorman. Maybe it’s a Welland thing.

  • This is a tough one to judge… I could see myself watching Hot Rod again one day and finding it hilarious. Sometimes comedies just don’t hit you the right way the first time you see them. On the other hand, while I appreciate some of the surreal humour they were going for, it was like they were just trying too hard.

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