Film Junk Video Review #3 – Danger:Diabolik

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  • Ian

    “Body movin’ we be body movin’.”

  • Diaaaabooooliiiikkkkkkkkkkk!!! ;-)


    I have many Diabolik comics, it is simple, funny and Eva Kant’s character is fantastic!

    Of course I’ll link & embed and I’ll write about your video review, I’m downloading the Hi-Res version, I’ll try to write a summary in italian.

    I have to go now… I have to watch your Video Review ;-)

    See you soon,
    Best Regards,


  • Hello!

    I’ve done! I’ve written about your Video Review of Diabolik, I’ve also written intro, infos and a summary in italian of your review with photos to help non english people to watch your Video Review.

    You can find it on two movie websites, I leave you a link, IT ISN’T SPAMMING LOL

    Best Regards,
    See you soon,
    Great work,


  • Thanks eMMe!!

  • Jay, I say this with all due respect, but you look a pissed off Vulcan in that video. ;-)

    Also, you neglected to mention either in ignorance or by design that Danger: Diabolik holds the dubious distinction of being the last movie ever to appear on Mystery Science Theater 3000. This proves the old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  • Better than a pissed of Romulan I suppose.

    As for Mystery Science Theatre 3000, I had read that Danger:Diabolik was featured on one of the final episodes, but couldn’t really understand why. Personally, i’ve never really found the MST3K thing very funny, and in this case, Danger:Diabolik is more of a ‘laugh with’ than ‘laugh at’ slice of 60’s filmmaking. It’s like the Adam West Batman; ridiculous, but completely self aware.

  • Jay, these video reviews are the shit. Please keep them coming. I’ve loved this one and the one for Equinox specifically because I’ve never seen the movies and now feel the urge to track them down. Good show, sir.