Alex Proyas to Direct Silver Surfer Movie?

No sooner did Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer hit theatres, than did we hear that a Silver Surfer spin-off movie would also be imminent within the next couple of years. Personally I am neither here nor there about the Silver Surfer character and I really don’t know much about his back story, but if his solo movie has a sci-fi vibe and is set in outer space then you know I’m definitely game. At the very least it will be a comic book movie with a different feel from all the rest… know what I mean? Adding to the possibilities of this project being rather unique are persistent rumours that Alex Proyas is currently being pursued to direct the film.

Whether or not the man is actually available remains to be seen (he’s currently finishing up the director’s cut of Dark City, and also helming Dracula Year Zero) but it could be a brilliant move to bring him on board. I was disappointed with I, Robot but I’m itching to see Proyas get behind another promising project. J. Michael Straczynski is currently writing the script for the Silver Surfer, and not only did he create Babylon 5, but he also wrote for such classic 80’s kids shows as Captain Power, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and He-Man! He’s got my vote of confidence… but will he write Galactus as something other than a storm cloud?

  • as much as I Robot was kinda lame, he had some amazing camera work. He also made Garage Days which apparently sucked, but the Crow and Dark City still hold up, and if this movie has to be made, he’s certainly a good choice.