Film Junk Video Review – The Equinox

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  • Good stuff. I question having the TV in front of the posters.

    I have never heard of Equinox, but it looks pretty amazing. The only thing that sucks with movies like this is that even though I would love to see it, love to own and love to have people know that I own it (that’s part of the fun of having a collection, right? I may just be self-centered) I can’t bring myself to dish out the money a DVD costs for them… Add to that the fact that it seems to not be released here, and I’d have to import it from the americas, the chances of ever seeing Equinox are pretty fucking slim.

    It’s cool though, these reviews should be focused on obscure movies like this. That’s the fun of it.

  • Os Mutantes for the win.

  • awsome review!Muren is the fx icon!

  • I have a short list of some unusual/obscure films that are visually pleasing for future video reviews. They’re a lot of work to put together, but if people keep enjoying them, i’ll keep doing them.

  • Great stuff as usual… loving the video reviews. I had never heard of this film before, actually, and I’m a big fan of Evil Dead. Definitely gotta check it out.

  • Great video review! I love these kind of old cult classics (eventhough I haven´t seen to many of them). As soon as I had watched the review I went to my my favourite online dvd-shop to see if the Criterion version was available…and indeed it was! Now I just have to save up some money to get it :)

    Keep up the reviews!

  • I have downloaded the Hi-Res Version but you have done right uploading it on Google Video.

    It is simply the best Video Movie Review I have ever seen, not for the movie in particular, but for your work in general.

    Very Well done!

    If you will review some films well known in Italy I will embed your videos, of course I will ask you first!

    Have a nice evening!


  • Hey eMMe,

    It just so happens that the next film i’m reviewing is Italian! If the film isn’t well known, the director certainly is. Stay tuned to Film Junk, and once it’s up, you can embed it on your site if you’d like.

    Thanks for the kind words and keep watching!

  • Very Cool!

    Thank you too, yes I work for a movie website with webTV (since 2001) and I write in a related movie blog (2007) here in Italy so of course I will be happy to embed your fantastic video reviews ;-)

    Uhm… Now I’m very curious ;-)

    Best Regards,

    See you soon,


  • Damn that camera of yours makes everything look soooo sweeeet!

  • Primal

    Awesome review Jay. Looks very professional man. I’ll definitely check out The Equinox!

  • Well done! I enjoyed the video review. It’s a fun movie and well worth a look of your a horror fan.