Download Film Junk Podcast for July 22nd, 2007

What up fruitcakes and movie freaks… Sean here. I wasn’t able to make this week’s Film Junk Podcast, which left Jay and Greg holding down the fort and keeping this kickass show rolling. I’m sure this episode will be a refreshing change of pace and to be honest, I haven’t even listened to it yet so I can’t even really tell you what they talked about. But hey, who doesn’t love a surprise? All I know is that they review I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and 1408, respond to some junk mail, and from what I understand they took a bit more of a free-form approach to the show this week so your guess really is as good as mine. The suspense is killing me. Welcome to the limit, standing on the razor’s edge… download this week’s episode below.

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  • I have no idea what to expect here without the captain pushing it forward…

    I mean, I started thinking of you guys almost like an announce team… Sean the play by play man and Jay the color commentator, and Greg as the sitcom star plugging his upcoming show (j/k Greg) :P