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This week on the podcast, Jay is still recovering from his wisdom tooth operation but we’re all here to give you our thoughts on the fifth and most recent Harry Potter film, in addition to counting down our top 5 movies involving magic and/or witchcraft. We also set up a steel cage match between the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises and look at a bunch of newly released trailers, in addition to responding to your wacky, wacky junk mail. And if that’s not enough, we even do a little psychic reading on the side. What does fate have in store for you? Why, another wildly entertaining episode of Film Junk of course! Download and listen to this week’s episode below.

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  • Sean is speaking the gospel concerning HP V. I felt the same way when I was reading the book, after the way IV ended I was really disappointed as well.

  • snorfle

    How is this “a distraction from the overarching plot”? This movie had more stuff involving the forces of good vs forces of evil plotline than any of the rest up to this point, which mostly focus on school-related stuff. Sean, are you saying these last 2 HP movies have been the worst?

    And Jay needs to just stop watching them if it’s not his bag. I mean, if he liked Pirates 2 better, then fine, but he obviously just doesn’t give a shit about anything that’s going on in the Harry Potter universe so why bother?

  • Well I did stop watching them…I turned part four off twenty minutes in.

    Unfortunately, sometimes, when you’re a member of a podcast that does movie reviews, you must watch a movie that you’re not necissarily interested in.

    So you’re saying that just because I gave the movie a bad grade, I should’ve just sat this one out? What’s the point of reviewing movies if you’re only going to review the ones you like?

  • snorfle

    I get what you’re saying, but it’s not necessarily about only reviewing movies you like (or think you will like), but watching part 5 of a series that you’ve mostly disliked up till now, haven’t seen all of, and have no real interest in seems kind of a waste. Mostly because you are already going in confused and annoyed. I have a friend who hated Fellowship and I might disagree with him but I certainly would never force the poor guy to watch parts 2 and 3. It’s not so much a negative review that bothers me (Sean and Greg were both fairly unimpressed with it too), it’s more the “I hate this whole series, fuck these movies” thing, because what’s the point then.

    (I still love the podcast though)

  • Well I think I did mention in the podcast that, to be fair, i’m generally just not interested in this series, and my review is simply a product of that disinterest. However, as I think i’d mentioned, I didn’t mind part one, and I enjoyed part 3. I’m just not willing to go out of my way to keep up with these characters or this story on my own time. But in regards to the podcast, I like to try and see every movie that Sean and Greg see so I can take part in the discussion.

    Thanks for listening by the way!

  • This movie did have more focus on the Voldemort stuff than any others, but that still only accounted for less than 50% of the movie by my estimation. And with the previous films it wasn’t a problem because Voldemort hadn’t really been built up as a direct threat to Harry until the end of the 4th film. Umbridge was amusing but hardly “evil” when compared with the true villain of the series.

    And yeah I guess I am saying that the last two films were my least favourite. There were some things I really liked about the new one, unfortunately the plot was not one of them.

  • I just can’t agree with you on that Sean, I thought Umbridge was far more evil than Voldemort has been build to be so far. I havent wanted to slap a villain so hard since well, Nurse Ratched in Cuckoos Nest..

  • Henrik

    Goon you sound like you’ve got some mom-issues.

    You should write fairy-tales.

  • fuck off Henrik, I responded the same way the majority of people have to both characters, both in book and film form. dont pull the ad hominem shit with me here.

  • Henrik

    Dude I was joking. Geez

  • based on your comment history I would probably never tell.

    Use to learn the smiley face emoticons when you’re joking

    : + P = :P