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It’s a fanboy fantasy that’s been over 20 years in the making, and on this week’s episode of the Film Junk podcast we come at Michael Bay’s Transformers from all angles. Special guest The Pretentious Goon joins Jay, Greg and myself as we try to figure out why so many people were floored by this mostly mediocre heavy metal monstrosity. We also look back at the first half of 2007 and quickly recap our favourite films thus far, plus we count down our Top 5 robots and pit Michael Bay vs Renny Harlin in a Hollywood action director grudge match. All this plus Trailer Trash, Junk Mail and all the usual Film Junk panache. Crappy movies are the right of all sentient beings!

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  • Goon

    in retrospect I should have put a Cylon Centurion in my top 5.

  • Goon
  • One thing I thought of while watching that video…the whole Hoover Dam thing. THEY DIDN’T EVEN BLOW IT UP!!!!! You set a base in the Hoover Dam in a ‘Giant Robot’ movie and you don’t even blow up the dam???? LAME.

  • Evan Almighty had better dams blowing up than Transformers.

  • Also, one thing i’d forgotten to mention on the show: An Autobot dies but NO HUMANS DIE???? What the fuck is with that?

  • Goon

    yeah, at least Jurassic Park had the balls to put a body count to its characters… the only person i remember dying (other than the obvious casualities in buildings, etc) is some guy who guy pierced by Scorponok’s tail.

    Killing humans is essential to building a threat.

  • Henrik

    The new player looks pretty killer.

  • Dug the podcast, guys. Could not agree more. Here’s my thoughts: