So About That Mysterious Untitled J.J. Abrams Monster Movie…

Coming out of Transformers screenings this week, a lot of people have apparently been intrigued by one of the trailers attached to it, advertising some sort of disaster or monster movie produced by Lost creator J.J. Abrams. The strange thing is that the trailer contained no title for the film, only the name of Abrams as a producer and a release date of Jan. 18th, 2008. Boneheaded premature advertising, or brilliant viral marketing campaign? My money is on the latter, as they’ve got a lot of people talking about this thing.

The lack of a title obviously surprised and frustrated people in the theatre (I even heard people desperately shouting “What’s it called???”), and to make matters worse, there is next to no information about the movie on the internet, and the trailer itself is not online. Until now. It was only a matter of time, but some people managed to record bootleg copies of the teaser and leak it onto YouTube. It’s unclear whether or not these videos will get pulled down in the near future… maybe it was all part of their marketing plan. Either way, the movie looks quite cool. There has been some speculation that it might actually be a new Godzilla movie (reinforced by the mention in the teaser of one of the characters going to Japan). However, the movie apparently goes under the codename “Cloverfield” for the time being, and has also been reportedly called “Felicity gets Freaky” (most likely referring to another Abrams-produced TV series). The only other thing we know is that Lost writer Drew Goddard has penned the flick, while Matt Reeves (The Pallbearer) will direct. Check out the leaked teaser trailer below.

[gv data=”3NNxPcgn_Dk”][/gv]

  • Vince

    Video already taken down. Right after seeing this trailer in the theaters, I told my buddies “Damn, I want to see more!” This is an awesome teaser.

    Hopefully this movie will spark a whole slew of monster movies that people have been craving. Maybe The Host has already done that, but I have yet to see it.

  • Ian

    Christ so much for that TV show they were working on. What is the deal with people making a show and then not sticking around to finish the damn thing? Hell say what you will about The X-files but Carter was there ’til the end … the awful awful end.

  • Who said they were leaving Lost?

  • jayjayr

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  • Mr.Friday

    Hmm, so the writer of Lost is also writing for this?
    No wonder we cant see the monster. Heh, we’ll probably not be able to see it in the movie to :P

  • Mr.Friday

    Actually, i have a theory about the movie, tho the liklihood of it actually being valid is improbable,
    It actualy kinda fits the bible verses that jayjayr posted Or its a movie based of Half-Life 2
    kinda far fetched i know but think about it, theres been some movies being based of videogames (Hitman and Doom)and the lettering for Cloverfield, all the effects for it, are the same as half-life 2
    There is also some elements that MIGHT fit into the movie, the girl in the trailors thats being held down and somthing wrong with her might have a “head crab” (variant of a face hugger from ‘Aliens’) on her, thus explaining the yelling of ‘SHES INFECTED’, and the strider (kinda of a ripoff of a tripod from ‘War of the Worlds’) could be the monster

    Then again im just guessing, but if somone has a better theory let me know it plz i want to ponder it

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