Samurai Jack Feature Film In The Works

I’m not the biggest fan of the Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack, but I can certainly appreciate it for the art style and direction. Genndy Tartakovsky is one talented guy, and if those pesky rumours about The Power of the Dark Crystal being put on hold are true, it might explain why he is now turning his attention to a feature film version of Samurai Jack. According to Movieweb , the movie will be the first project from new production company Frederator Films, recently formed by Fred Seibert, Kevin Kolde, and Eric Gardner. They will reportedly be concentrating on 2-D animated features, which is a great thing in my opinion as I hate seeing 3-D animation completely take over. Regarding a Samurai Jack movie, I’d definitely see it. I hope this is being planned for a theatrical release rather than a direct to video thing, because I think it would translate quite well to the big screen. Frederator Films are also working on a movie based on The Neverhood classic claymation video game.

  • When i read the title of this blog i assumed it was going to be a live action piece of shit with Jet Li or something, but if it is going to be a 2D theater release that would be great!

  • Ian

    Yeah it’s supposed to be 2D with Tartakovsky signed on to write and direct. Hopefully it will bring closure to the series and it would be great if it were released theatrically but I wonder about the success of such a venture.