Download Film Junk Podcast for June 25th, 2007

If you build it, they will come. This week on the Film Junk Podcast, Kevin Costner isn’t building anything but instead doing a lot of killing in Mr. Brooks, meanwhile Steve Carell spends an entire movie building a boat to save a few animals from getting wet in Evan Almighty. We also count down our top 5 mental illness performances in movies, and pit two Star Trek captains against each other in our nerdiest Versus yet: Kirk vs Picard! Last but not least, we drown our sorrows in some Trailer Trash and Junk Mail. What more could you ask for? Listen to this week’s episode below or subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already done so. Ensign, set in a course… and engage!

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  • Goon

    sometimes when Greg hasnt seen what the others have watched its a little frustrating as a listener, but when he’s up to speed, man, Greg is ON. This show was probably the best Greg’s been on the show, maybe ever.

  • Hopefully we can start trying to get on the same page with future reviews. It’s tough with our seperate schedules though.

  • Matt

    This is for Henrik in regards to obscure space battle movies:

    Check out Star Crash (if you can find it). It’s a very obscure sci-fi movie from the 70’s starring Marjoe Gortner (the documentary Marjoe is about hime, check that out too), David Hasselhoff and Christopher Plummer.

    Look out for my review of this is the next while for Must-See-DVD!

  • Pete

    how do i listen live on talkshoe?

  • Hi Pete, you can go to, sign up for an account and download the Talkshoe software. Then when we’re doing a live show, just head to and you should see Film Junk in the list of shows that are currently live. Just click on it and it will start the audio stream and bring you to the chatroom.

    Also, I’m not 100% on this, but you might be able to just listen to a live broadcast from without signing up for an account and downloading the software. Some of the other listeners would know for sure. Anyone?