Even Better Than Michael Bay’s Transformers… It’s The Transmorphers!

Hey, remember last year when a cult film company called The Asylum released a direct to DVD knock off of Snakes on a Plane called Snakes on a Train? Well this year they’re back at it again, this time with a shameless low budget Transformers clone called (what else?) Transmorphers! Directed by Leigh Scott (The 9/11 Commission Report, Dracula’s Curse, Pirates of Treasure Island), the movie is about a race of alien robots who conquer earth and enslave humanity for 300 years, before a small group of humans come up with a plan to fight back. In some ways this doesn’t look all that different from Michael Bay’s Transformers… Bay just happened to have ILM doing his FX, while these guys had some dude in his mom’s basement. It actually looks kind of fun, although I still haven’t watched Snakes on a Train and I somehow doubt I’ll watch this one either. Either way I hope they keep the cheap rip offs coming, just so we can enjoy these amazing trailers! Transmorphers hits stores next Tuesday. You can get a higher quality trailer and more info here.

[gv data=”e2-6XdiR1iI”][/gv]

  • Word of advice to you and anyone reading. Stay far, far way from Snakes on a Train. It’s not campy nor fun. It’s just flat out boring as hell.

  • *Puts gun to head and pulls trigger*

  • I miss the days when there were a multitude of rip-offs for every blockbuster film, particularly when they came from Italy. Man, I’m with Tarantino on that.

    And I think I’m the only one on the planet who kind of enjoyed Snakes on a Train.

  • Colin

    This post as made famous by Adam McKay