Twin Peaks The Complete Series: Definitive Gold Box Set Due in October

Shortly after Twin Peaks fans were finally able to complete their DVD collections and rewatch the second and final season of David Lynch’s groundbreaking series, along comes news that CBS and Paramount aren’t quite done yet. They’ve still got one more release up their sleeves, and it is looking like it will be the whole shebang, the massive box set that hardcore fans and completists have been dreaming about for years. According to TV Shows on DVD, October 30th is the tentative release date for what they are calling the Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition.

Not only will this box set unite Season 2 with the now out of print Season 1 collection, but it will supposedly also include the Pilot Episode that had been missing from that first season set due to legal wranglings. There is also reason to believe that this Gold Box will be packed with a plethora of all-new extras, which may explain why the recent Season 2 release was so light on special features. There has been no mention of whether or not it will include the feature film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, nor whether this may be planned for high-definition formats as well. Twins Peaks fans, are you willing to shell out one last time for this ultimate, definitive collection?

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  • It’s almost a heaven sent that I couldn’t find a copy of the first season on DVD so I held back on buying season 2. Worked out for me.

    Though you bring up a good point, do I shell out the money now or wait for HD? Ugh. I hate this stuff.