No Country for Old Men Trailer Online

And the cool trailers just keep on rolling in. Here’s the first official trailer for The Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men, which I previously posted about here. This is exactly what I needed to see right about now! Although I love their comedies, it’s great to see them get back to a dark crime thriller. Everyone seems to be raving about the performance of Javier Bardem as the cold as ice villain… there has even been early talk of an Oscar nod. When was the last time someone got nominated for portraying pure evil on the screen… was it Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York? Regardless, you should add this to your list of must-see movies in 2007… I know I will.

[gv data=”1YLfpDBzhFI”][/gv]


  • Ian

    This one looks good. I’m not usually a fan of the Western Noir but this looks really dark and cool. The one thing missing from the trailer is any sense of if it will have some of the Coen dark humor that is present in their other dramas like Fargo, Blood Simple, and The Man Who Wasn’t There. Either way that pneumatic weapon/device will get me out to see it.

  • I can’t wait. This movie looks damn good.

  • that looks great…seems like a western fincher flick. Very exciting.

  • fox

    Much of that movie was filmed here in Albuquerque, NM. Thanks Cohen Brothers for bringing a movie like this to ABQ. I watched Tommy Lee Jones film a few scenes. Very cool indeed.